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Opinions on Tattoos

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  1. arevalo
    You only live once.
    75% of people will never have this sort of facial expression at this age. [​IMG]
    As for ink, I'm all up for it ... I don't have any myself since I spend my money on all sorts of pricey hobbies, but check out http://www.swallowsndaggers.net
    Some beautiful pieces on this site.
    Also, I will never try to convince someone about tattoos if they are just not into it.
    Btw, Kat Von D pulls off the amount of tattoos she has pretty well. I've seen her in person at my old work and didn't realize it was her till she left. I stared at her the whole time and kept saying to myself ... "I know this girl from somewhere." .... that somewhere was TV! Doh!!


  2. plainsong
    Yes, he's literally done. He passed away earlier this month. His name was Herbert Hoffman, he was 91 and a I dare say he led a fuller happier life than an internet troll.
  3. dj_mocok
    Before you go to the tattoo parlour, one advice - if the tattooist ever runs out of the ink, never ever ever let him convince you to let him use squid ink as substitute.
  4. Khanate
    I may get one later on, at the end of my PhD perhaps. But something small.
  5. Fido2
    Dare to be different and go ink free! [​IMG]
  6. plainsong
    What I don't think the anti-tattoo lobby gets is that most of us don't get tattoos for other people. We get them for ourselves. So it really doesn't matter if someone proclaims they love tattoos or hate tattoos or even threaten to not hire you if you have one. If someone wants a tattoo, they'll get it. Does that make us lesser in the eyes of others? Probably, but it's really not high on the list of concerns. You only live once. If ones only worry is to grow old and have a bad tattoo, they haven't gotten out and lived enough.
  7. Ttvetjanu

    I'm currently living in Helsinki. Going to Sweden is also a possibility as I am fluent in Swedish. That kind of inside information is very useful as
    if I would take one it would have to be a very reliable place and also something that might require skill due to the amount of detail. Any other places you would recommend? I'd have to say that price is not an issue with something that will last a lifetime.
  8. Fido2


    Good points but I would like to know if you have really thought about why exactly do you want to spray paint all over a body that you're renting or at least borrowing for a while? Don't get me wrong I would NEVER be one to interfere with a persons freedoms but just curious. I am saying this as a person who had some tattoos but had them removed. The removal was more painful than the receiving. Yipes!
     This reminds me of women I have known that have  had boob jobs. When pressed they say "I didn't get these to attract men. I got them to feel better about myself." [​IMG] Weird...lol...So big plastic bubbles on your chest make you feel better about yourself? Is "yourself" just your body or outward appearance?  I'm not quite sure I believe that reasoning.[​IMG] On the other hand  I can see how a woman who's lost a breast or both could say this. I was referring to the purely cosmetically enhanced ones.
    Please don't take this the wrong way. I am not trying to be rude or insulting, heck I even like some tatts. I am just curious about the thought process and reasoning in the decision. I mean tatts are expensive painful and pretty permanent or at least even more painful to remove. 
  9. plainsong
    Well if you have tats yourself, then your choice was your own. My choice was my own. It works the same for everyone. Whether we get them as pieces to an art collection, or get them to mark milestones in our life or some other special or not-so-special meanings. I'm not going to catalogue each tattoo here and why I got it. Yeah it's sad for someone if they get a trend tattoo to because they think it'll make them cool, but even that is a choice.
    I'm not renting my body. It doesn't belong to anyone else, real, or imaginary. When I go, it will matter not if there's a tattoo on my body or not. I won't be here to care about what anyone who sees it will think. I mean I don't care now while I'm alive, I can't see caring more when I'm dead. [​IMG]
    Any modification, be it plastic surgery or body art, or plastic surgery as body art - it's a personal choice, and yes these personal choices effect how we feel about ourselves - hopefully in a positive way. Ever feel snazzy in a new suit? Ever feel sexy in a new hair style? The effect can be along those lines for the woman who got the "boob job."
  10. nealric
    I'm of the opinion that you should not get any visible tattoos until you know what your long-term career is going to be. There are too many situations where a visible tattoo could cause you to be discriminated against in job-hunting. It seems many tattooed people get their tattoo's at a young age, before they even realize what opportunities they are shutting themselves out of. 
    Also, I wouldn't advise anything you haven't been certain about for several years. That's going to be on your body for life. That's really the sticking point for me- there is nothing I could be that certain about having on my body. 
  11. adktitan
    These are my thoughts on the topic, as I am, what some may consider, heavily tattooed, not as heavily as others, but I have some experience in this field. My wife has no ink anywhere, FYI, and married me anyway. I have been promoted many times in my current job and my immediate boss knows that I am tattooed. However, I usually wear a suit and tie or at least business casual to work, and when meeting with clients either in the field, or at the office, I always wear long sleeves (short sleeves look silly with a suit and tie anyway!). If golfing with clients, etc, I wear a long sleeve, Nike dry fit shirt under my golf shirt and have never once been asked why. One rule I will always live by when it comes to placement, NO neck tattoos, nothing above the collar bone. Also, nothing from the wrist down that can’t be covered with shirt sleeves. It’s just much easier to cover then to have to potentially win narrow minds.
    I was first inked at 15 and now am 33. If I had some first advice, it would be to research, research, and research more the artist that you are going to use. All artists have different styles that they excel in. Go talk to them, if it’s by email, dropping in their shop, a phone call, whatever. Make sure you are comfortable with the shop and artist. This is very very important. Once you get comfortable, WORK with your artist on the image you want to convey, where you want to convey it, and be forward thinking. Plan out where you may get your next tattoo, even if you say to yourself, “I’m only getting one”, have a backup plan ready for down the road so your body doesn’t look like random pieces thrown on it. The art will most likely be on your body forever. If you were in the US, I could help more, but it seems that you are getting some good advice already on this board, so don't dismiss what others in this thread have said. I have reag many valid points, both from the "pro" and "con" tattoo supporters. This decision should be one you feel good about and psyched for. If for any reason you feel a hint of something not feeling right or anxiety after going through the research gathering process, pull out and re-evaluate, don’t do ANYTHING in a rush. Anyway, I could go on and on.
    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
    Also, to whomever said it, thanks for the nice Hoffman shout out. He is one of the godfathers of tattooing.
  12. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Make your Moma proud.........................
  13. adktitan
    Holy S%^^....
  14. Townyj
    I have 5 tatts (2 on the chest, 1 on my right shoulder and 1 on each side of my lower arms), might end up getting a couple of sleeves in the next few years. The cost is rather high when you want some custom work done. My last one setting me back $600AUD. I usually keep myself covered up at work, but when im out its another story. There are alot of people who are intrigued by it all and ask questions. I grew up around family having tatts so its never been a big deal for me. Nowadays its definitely becoming a fad, most girls/guys hitting 18 and having one done straight away. If you want one, do it i say. You only live once!
  15. boomana
    When I was in college, my friends and I all went to a tattoo place.  This was around 1979 or 1980. I was indecisive and didn't get one.  My friends all got small tattoos either on their ankles, upper back near their shoulders, or just below their panty line on their bellies.  Now that we're all 50, I'm really glad I didn't get one then.  Add a few pounds, lose a few pounds, have a baby or three -- with the exception of my one friend who got a butterfly on her ankle, those tattoos all look pretty horrible now.
    I have nothing against tattoos, and like looking at them on other people.  Just think waaay ahead in time when you're thinking about what you're getting, where you're going to put it, etc.
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