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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. guliver

    If you look at the attachment in the same post you will be see no error I was able to get listen to it for 3 hours last night when I move the switch hires output I get right away a slightly louder different sound.
    Maybe I did not get any error on the Onkyo because of the I am rooted.
    I have to amend this post now I am getting an error need to see what is different with last night I might ask question on their forum
  2. guliver
    My first one was loose after one day Amazon Japan paid for the shipping back the second one was loose both sides of Jack out of the box amazon Japan at this time was giving me some type of hard time about it mostly they wanted to refund me, since I realy like it and I paid only $409.00 plus the distance involved I decided to keep it I fixed it with CA glue not by pouring the bottle in the jack but by dropping a little more bit on a piece of paper and using a fine needle to put the glue in the groove also you need to use Vaseline on the the paint around the jack to prevent the glue to get there just in case, after the you wipe it an d you are done.
    Definitely the Onkyo got a hardware flow and a also despite being OK the customer service of amazon Japan has nothing to do with Amazon USA witch is so much better
  3. fezzyness

    ​I don't know how to fix it, the only audio coming out of the balanced jack is coming through the right ear and it blaringly distorted and loud, regardless of the volume
  4. IronFly
    i'm not a developer, i'm just using a logcat app and trying to understand how audio is routed/resampled; if someone is more skilled, please be free to explain it in a better way [​IMG]
    this is onkyo player calls on hdlibrary audio when trying to play a 24bit 192000Hz file:
    normally fs android value is 48000
    notice the call to OpenSL
    Poweramp with experimental output (Snapdragon listed but error appears when application is restarted)
    on poweramp, high res output fail and also there's a resampler request to android 48000Hz standard output, no onkyo library calls.
    To check at which frequency is resampling, just tap on the EQ icon near the search icon, it will display the correct bit and sample rate.
    UAPP manage a 96000Hz output
    but i think it uses its own audio library since i can't find any call on OpenSL or mention of other libraries.
    Foobar using OpenSL crashes.
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  5. guliver
    I think you are right after double checking I cannot have power amp working .
    Did you try USB Audio Player Pro?
  6. IronFly
    Yep, it's UAPP in my post.
    by the way, since you are rooted, you can try this to enable HighRes on Poweramp:
  7. guliver
    Do I have to change it in the build.prop or in the app itself? got it not sure about the second part of the post "add empty /system/etc/audio_hifi.conf"
    well I did  it in buid prop and add an empty file in ETC no joy so far
  8. addyg

    Thanks for the good work!
  9. addyg
    If everyone is doing some guessing, I may as well.

    Music - fully tuned app for this dap and this Sabre dac, with its own onkyo driver and codec.

    Neutron - not tuned for dap, with its own driver and codec.

    Poweramp - not tuned for dap, with its own general driver (while when root you can enable a special hi-res Sabre driver), with its own codec.

    Tidal - not tuned for dap, with its own general driver, with its own codec.

    These are the four apps that I played the most. They are good and sound differently with their own sound signature.
  10. IronFly
    we need someone else to try with root to be sure it's working on highres support, since only xVortex wrote he did it; maybe something changed since the last onkyo update.
  11. guliver

    Here the pics of what I did as rooted  according to vortex post let me know if it is not right
  12. IronFly
    it looks ok...but from June 2016, Onkyo released a system update and maybe this "blocked" the trick.
    if you are registered to poweramp forum, probably this post from Pegasus21 is quite usefull:
  13. guliver
    Ok I will post the link if it is ok with Pergasus21
  14. fezzyness

    ​Yes I got the X1A for 540 so I don't want to get a refund actually. thankfully I sent a video to premium-japan and they will replace my device and pay for shipping.
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  15. BLaZeru1
    Is the firmware the last one? 
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