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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. PoRidge

    i tried to eliminate this factor as well. so i used several tracks and did comparisons. maybe the stock player has an algorithm to reduce background noise?
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor

    It might also be that with access to the DAC section the stock player can take advantage of better SNR as opposed to third party apps that may be relying on the CPU for digital conversion? Not sure of course, but that seems plausible at least.
  3. ReizeiMako
    For DX90 new FW does change the sound. Almost everyone who had DX90 can hear the difference, including me, and I truth my ears. Even Paul from Ibasso seem to admit it IIRC. The change of sound is not Ibasso's intention, though.

    So my conclusion is FW could possible affect the sound, but I'm not sure every DAP will have the same effect from FW like DX90.
  4. gearofwar

    This also happened on DX100 and R10
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Very strange. I have a Yo Yo Ma album, it won't show up in Artists screen; however it is there in albums or songs. I used MP3 Tag and confirmed that the artist field is there. I have twice deleted and put it back, but it won't show in artists still. Can anybody else see if they have problems showing the last few letters of the alphabet in the artist screen? Not sure if this is an issue, but I'm at a loss to explain it. I have one artist that starts with a Z, I'm going to add it now and see what happens.
  6. gearofwar
    Have you tried to remove the existing tag?
  7. Whitigir
    And since Chord Mojo, I have been telling people Operation system, app does change sound quality, people called me nut :D....as the days goes by, more people found the same thing...the reason I trust only my ears and music
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor

    I did, still won't work. My Z artist showed up with no trouble. I'll try again tomorrow. Cheers.
  9. TheOneInYellow

    I just woke up.

    Dude don't worry, I thought I too had this issue last night when I was downloading my Michael Jackson 'Thriller' DSD album from my Dropbox to my DP-X1 (using ES File Explorer).
    When I did this it didn't appear in my Onkyo DP-X1 Music app library. So I went into the app settings and did a full Sync.
    This fixed the issue!
    However I had accidently download a track twice (one on MicroSDXC card, one on internal memory), and also forgot to download a further track. Hey, I was doing this half-asleep...
    So I used ES File Explorer to rectify the duplicate track (delete from the MicroSDXC) and used that and Dropbox to download the missing track.
    When I went back to the DP-X1 Music App my library still showed the duplicate track and missing track.
    Thoroughly PISSED :rolleyes:

    Except, it wasn't the apps fault...I just needed to re-sync the library...

    So my point, and possible solution, is to do a full sync (not sync what's added but a Sync All operation) in the DP-X1 Music App.

    This Sync All should be done everytime any edits are made to the library as I am unsure that the app can pick up changes correctly by itself.

    My only other second solution is a bad tag field, say in Album Artists that's causing the issue (Album Artist is a great field that usually has greater importance over Artist field in many music apps and applications, such as J River Media Centre and iTunes).
    I always use MusicBrainz Picard for accurate, robust, informative and pretty hardcore tagging; MusicBrainz is somewhat of a standardised international music database/databank, and Picard uses this to tag your music.
    I also use dBpoweramp Reference for further personal tagging after I use Picard, and for embedding album artwork. (I also use it for it's Swiss army knife of audio format conversions).

    If neither Sync All or rechecking tag fields work... :frowning2:
    Actually, what is the Album and Artist?

  10. AndrewH13

    If Album Artist is not overriding anything as suggested by oneinyellow, check Compilation metatag is not checked. Unfortunately this field doesn't show in mp3tag with default settings and has to be added.
  11. masterpfa
    Beat me to it 
  12. masterpfa
    Thanks for the tips on Tagging and Album art 
    Can I ask where you got the 'Thriller' album in DSD? I have searched but none of my usually website have it available in the UK HDTracks etc,
    Cheers one to remember
    My feeling exactly The one Synergy that really matters is your own exlerience
  13. rcoleman1

    Acoustic Sounds has the Michael Jackson Thriller album in DSD.
    masterpfa likes this.
  14. Whitigir
    So all my stuff is ready to make the 2.5 TRRS cables into my fostex th900 balanced to test out the DP-X1....it is not here yet ...
  15. GoodToGo1
    Is anybody else having hisses or pops while streaming / using Spotify and Tidal? If so, that would be a one huge deal breaker. 
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