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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. gearofwar

    Here come someone denying burnt-in effect of DAP..Good for you. Maybe you are far better than those Sony Engineers after all who put in the manual that "this DAP needs 100 hours of burnt-in"
    Btw Circuit board burnt-in? lol ...it's "capacitor"....lol
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Have you ever asked one?
  3. Cagin
    I'd definately add the Spinfit, JVC Spiral Dot, Sony hybrid tips to your collection. And the Meleectronics bi and triflanges along the way. Tips are the cheapest part to upgrade the sound sigs and comfort :p
    Cost does add up when you go pokemon gotta catch em all but it's a one time buy for life. I still gotta hunt down the Sony hybrids, the Meleec and the Westone Startips ^^

    The only form of warning I get is when while in EQ: ON if raise the yellow EQ curve above the straight grey bar, screen will flash red whenever the sounds will crosses over it. It seems a bit more complex but that's the gist of it ^^
    In High Gain, I listen to 50-60 of the volume steps with the Empire Zeus ciems (I reckon they are like 110-115db / 25ish Ohm, no specs that I could find, so I'm comparing it to how easy they are to drive like the Legend Omega).
    @those using Mac and have issues with transfering music: have you tried Dapper by @JeremyLaurenson ? He's very active here on head-fi too.
    I've just tried his 30sec of silence track again to test out any hiss and noise with the DP-X1
    I'm still impressed at how good the DP-X1 is in regards to low noise-floor man *_*    I have to raise the steps to 150-160 max to hear audible/distracting noise. And then it's only like a low-mild tinnitus-like feel.
    find the track here: https://jeremylaurenson.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/19224-30seconds-of-pure-blissful-silence/
  4. Whitigir

    It was a review unit actually, and it was previously used for 4 weeks prior to me. Yes, SE connection and it outperforming Zx2...I compared it to TRRS out on Zx2, and Zx2 with TRRS edged out a bit more. The only thing I missed from mojo was it clean and clear back ground that was just so "blacked-out"
  5. rushofblood
    Yeah, they don't. It's the components ON the board that do; capacitors, resistors etc.
  6. Whitigir

    Yes, this is true ! Remember the classic vintage tube systems ? It needs warm up for an hour before good sound could be produced :D.
  7. Orky261
    I don't really believe in burn in either, perhaps it is more akin to how a new car still have residue or particles that needs to be get rid off in the first 1000 Km in order to reach optimal performance or better lifetime.
  8. nanaholic
    Some Sony Engineers also believed that SD cards makes a sonic difference LOL.  Afterall they did release specially "audiophile grade" micro SD cards and released those to the market. :wink:  (The insult to the injury was that later these cards were found to be defective with read errors which causes music to skip and pop, I'm sure that's why they sound different LOL)
    There are definitely smart guys at Sony, but also definitely some pretty "out" there people there as well.  Smart people will judge what they say on its own merit, not because "It is Sony". :wink:
    mrhizzo likes this.
  9. h8dk97

    ah I see. What's wrong with t5p? I was actually interested in gen 2 which isn't out yet.
  10. badwisdom

    thank you sir
  11. badwisdom

    I believe its your brain that needs burn in, in the sense of getting used to the sound signature. But thats just my opinion.
  12. badwisdom

    I think we call this "Marketing" :)
  13. joshuachew
    Won't this whole single DAC and amp used in single ended mode drive burn in folks nuts?
    Cause when they do use it in balanced, one DAC and amp will be significantly more burnt in than the other.
    Oh no! Run for the hills!!!!!
  14. TheOneInYellow

    Absolutely no idea.
    I never had the chance to demo either the Onkyo DP-X1 or Questyle QP1R DAP's, but i have read a tonne (yes metric lalala) on each.

    The feedback and reviews, plus uniqueness, of the current driven iPod reborn QP1R has been stellar, with many counting it as the de facto best SQ DAP. Ever.
    The only reasons I didn't want it is relative cost, and does not suit my needs, especially streaming.

    I've also read, and participated (oops) a tonne about the Onkyo DP-X1.
    The feedback on this has also been incredibly positive, with some big comparisons to other DAP's, amp's and DAC/amp combo's.

    I took a risk to import it; totally worth it.

    I've already posted some sonic impressions but in summary, there's a single word I come up with for the DP-X1; crystalline.
    This DAP allows music to be effortless, and better non fatiguing.
    I noted that more powerful amps can overload your headphones with dynamics and power combined with detail.
    In SE, dynamics and power for my AKG K 712 headphones is not as huge as I'm used to, but it's a far better tradeoff; the organic nature of the DAP allows my headphones to sing, clearly, what is on record. My senses aren't being overloaded either, nor are my K 712 headphones being forced to be forcefully dynamic.
    It is rare for me to say this with any portable source, but the DP-X1 exemplifies a source that doesn't necessarily require any external amp to bring out the best of itself. It does that anyway!
    (Though I would welcome an official Onkyo battery extender and amp module provided that the current SQ remains).
    If I were to allow a third party amp, it would be the ALO Continental Dual Mono (CDM), as you can output a 2.5 mm TRRS balanced from DP-X1 into a 2.5 mm TRRS input of the CDM true balanced combo.

    Anyway, the Onkyo DP-X1 is TOTL, with Questyle QP1R (based on research) being the other. My opinion of course.

    I kinda replied to this above but I agree with you gearofwar.
    The Onkyo DP-X1 doesn't have visceral power but has real authority, speed, elegance and effortless sound.
    The bass itself won't shake your head, it's has incredible extension (low frequency response) and decent amplitude (it's loud enough, doesn't not smear into other frequencies).

    I listened to Kölsch 'Balance' compilation album (lossless FLAC) whilst I was about to sleep with my DP-X1 and KEF Audio M500. The headphones have a beautiful warm sound, great bass response, and balanced sound overall, though a small soundstage unfortunately.
    As this compilation has lots of bass, unlike my CEntrance HiFi-M8 or previously iFi Audio Retro Stereo 50, I'm not overloaded with bass power. I'm rewarded with all the frequencies of music as a coherent whole, like single driver speaker. The bass isn't subdued, it instead becomes a beautiful pulsating musical instrument that doesn't overpower the music.

    I've not heard of the Mojo but from what you said and what I've read, I think the Mojo is too much as a device. Great for smartphones but high-end DAP's well built like DP-X1 or QP1R? Not so necessary.

    In short, the KEF Audio M500 on-ear headphones changed my perception of music back in Dec 2013.
    It's not neutrality I want, but musical gear.
    Analytical is fine as long as they can sing (aka AKG K 712 with iFi Audio Retro Stereo 50, and now Onkyo DP-X1).

    I love my KEF Audio M500, but it is a shame I can never have it balanced.

    Oppo PM3 is another superb headphone that can be turned into balanced, but I can't afford that at present...

    Ah, thank you!
    I'll be honest, I've pondered, dreamt and salivated over the K10's that I still want them regardless, but not just for their excellent sound, but also aesthetics.

    I believe I just want a Noble Audio CIEM, whether it's the K10 (or a new superior model if Noble make one).

    However, I'll research about the Lime Ears Aether anyway.

  15. TheOneInYellow
    I've always had the opinion that mechanical devices may require burn-in, with the exception of non-hybrid armature based earphones/IEM's/CIEM's.

    The other exception is solid state gear with certain circuit parts but I'm not delving into this.

    I have no idea if the Onkyo DP-X1 requires burn-in, but I don't care. I'm using it as is and reporting back on my findings.

    It is awesome by the way :p
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