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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Replicant666
    How do they compare, originally I was going to buy the KEF M500s when I was getting the Pioneer XDP-100R however now Ive bought the Onkyo I really feel I should be looking at the PM3s?.
    I also have KEFS R900 mains and LS50s in another room...just need the lottery win so I can get some Blades!
  2. TheOneInYellow

    If the top part broke, you're screwed.

    I wouldn't do that, ever.

    I'm more annoyed that the Micro SD card slots have no dust covers.

    There, one negative so far regarding DP-X1!
  3. PrinceOfEgypt
    DUDE!!! Dont you think Blackstar is a fantastic album...I have listened to it 20 times so far, just cant get enough!
  4. PrinceOfEgypt
    On another note just got my SD3's...BLOOODY HELL...These things are unreal...Id say they beat my Beyerdynamic T5P's easily. Stunning IEMS...
    I bought the Ortofon tips, but is there anything better out there? Sorry to go off topic!
    So happy for you oneinyellow...Looks like a beast of a machine!
  5. TheOneInYellow

    Listened three times. Will listen irregularly so it stays fresh.

    Massively enjoying my favourite track by Disclosure with guest singer Kwabs (research him!), Wiling & Able; most incredible SE SQ of this track I have ever heard. It's so crystalline over my AKG K 712's, and has a warmth not too far of my KEF Audio M500...


  6. Zenifyx
    I'm pretty sure they don't break that easily.
    Solid nickel, and there isn't the strain of a cable pulling on it.
    Your earphone plug is more likely to break, if ever.
  7. TheOneInYellow


    Noble Audio Kaiser 10 CIEM, or its variant Prestige CIEM, or the universal K10U IEM. Savant is not based on K10 but is an alternative reference (more analytical than the musical TOTL K10 series).
    Link 1: CIEM's including K10
    Link 2: Prestige and Savant
    Link 3: Universals including K10U IEM

    You're welcome :wink:

    And thanks dude! This thing ROCKS with crystalline sound! It's utterly beautiful, delicious music!
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    They are actually fairly similar in tonal balance with the PM3 a little darker, but not significantly. I would overall give the nod to the PM3 almost across the board with one small caveat which is that the bass can sometimes seem a little less controlled on the PM3, but it is really splitting hairs. The KEF is extremely comfortable and less bulky for out and about. That said, if you want to try balanced you would be hard pressed to do better than the Oppo. If you feel the SE output of the Onkyo will float your boat I can't imagine you not really enjoying the M500. It really is voiced like speakers if that makes any sense. As I said, I wouldn't have moved from them if it wasn't for my desire to run the Onkyo balanced.
    Love the sound of your speaker rigs! I'm quite impressed by the R300s and supported by two small REL T Zero subs my near-field listening is awesome. I had some nice Neat Motive towers which I sold for the KEFs. Quite happy with the R300s for sure.
    Replicant666 likes this.
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    If I had to guess I think Onkyo made the DP-X1 almost as a statement piece and the current price point would not really be profitable I'll bet. Where a large corporation would have the advantage that say a FiiO sized organization doesn't would be a fairly large development team. Again, I'm just speculating, but if you have the resources and really want to test the market response to your sound signature approach, and you want to make it very difficult for other to compete you come out strong with a statement piece which is based on what people are experiencing likely the case. It really seems like a significant amount of technology and engineering for quite a reasonable price. Nice time for those of us who were in the market for a new DAP.
    It is a little bitter sweet as I quite respect FiiO and now seeing how the X7 thread has really dropped down in activity while this thread has picked up makes me a little sad. still, at the end of the day with limited funds available to invest in toys I put my money where I thought the best quality and value was and the DP-X1 seems to be that DAP right now.
  10. Whitigir
    DAC, op-amp, printed board are not that expensive.....I think DP-X1 would cost a mere $150 out of everything :). You don't think they would profit ? Last time I remember an iPhone was $275 to produce ?
  11. TheOneInYellow



    The above.

    I made a post before where I said that the Onkyo DP-X1 should cost same as TOTL AK240/320/380 based on specs and SQ.
    This is right if we think of the current market.

    However some users had the (also perfectly correct) response that actually, AK should cost the same as Onkyo!
    That sounds better too.

    Point is that Onkyo are being deliberately, and I've used this word before, disruptive to the current market.
    I think Questyle are too.

    From what I've read, Questyle QP1R is the best SQ DAP with current amplification.
    I think the Onkyo DP-X1 is the other.

    These are, imho, the best DAP's in the world based on pure performance/SQ/feedback.

    Pioneer XDP-100R and FiiO X7 are the best middle tier (with caveats to both).
  12. PrinceOfEgypt
    Thanks man...I meant alternative tips to the ortofons :wink:
  13. sonickarma
    Spin Fits work better for me
  14. TheOneInYellow


    Er...Comply? FitEar?

    Been out of the IEM scene as my wonderful Heir Audio 4.Ai IEM's hurt my left ear canal (then later right) to excruciating pain.
    I used to use IEM's exclusive but can't any longer :'(
    So unfortunately I'm not up to speed on aftermarket earphone tips.

    Next time I'm looking at earphones, it's a CIEM job...
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    You are ignoring R&D costs, distribution costs, the price being paid is at least 25% margin to the seller. I think they may yield a profit, I guess that is more accurate, but it will be quite slim. Companies sell at losses and razor thin margins all the time when it suits their overall strategy. Still, yes I should retract and say I think the profit will be quite slim.
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