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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. PoRidge
    do you find it too big with a straight plug and in the pocket? i can barely fit the pioneer in the pocket without the plug
  2. PoRidge
    you should have made a list of things test. hope you enjoy it
  3. davidmolliere
    What makes you say that???
    It shouldn't be identical as EU is the only region with regulations that cripple most audio devices...
    That would be bad news but I don't believe it.
  4. PoRidge
    if the balance out was separated from the se, i am sure a lot of users will be curious about it.
  5. davidmolliere
     To be fair the ZX2 plug supporting TRRS is not a fully balanced connection either you had to know they put it there to use first, kudos to @Whitigir for that!
  6. TheOneInYellow
    Just setting up my Onkyo DP-X1, adding my Google Account but only a select number of apps, downloading OTA update, charging, etc.

    Will post impressions later after some food, tea, and listening to Onkyo DP-X1!

    I must say that the Onkyo DP-X1 is the most beautiful piece of technology I have seen, outside my gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus!

    Here's some pics for you (in the Spoiler tag):

  7. badwisdom

    It's in the manual :frowning2:
  8. ReizeiMako
    Dat black magnetic box...I must confess at first I don't know how to open it lol Maybe I'm too familiar with Chinese DAP package...
  9. badwisdom
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    So, given that my Onkyo will arrive tomorrow, and that I have zero Android experience would any of you kind souls tell me what tasks I need to do in order to get up and running? Ideally I would shut off everything non-music related at first, and I believe there is a mode that essentially shuts down WiFi, Bluetooth and other OS activities. Short of doing that, what applications are installed that are CPU and or memory intensive, run on start-up of Android and are not very useful. As well, with WiFi on at first will the Onkyo prompt me to run the update, or do I need to manually check for it? Thanks in advance, and sorry for looking for a free lunch. I promise once I have some Android skills I'll pay it forward!
  11. Peridot
    Which app are you using?
    What confuses me is that the distortion originally reported by @earfonia was evident with UAPP. Now UAPP uses native Android audio, unless it is interfaced to an external DAC, in which case it has the ability to bypass native Android.
    If, as has been suggested, the DP-X1 'grabs' anything that is being directed via Android and routes it through its Sabre DAC, I don't understand why there is a problem with UAPP.
  12. clarkydaz

    what should gain setting be for earphones, high medium low?
  13. TheOneInYellow
    I'm sorry I've not replied to any messages direct.

    I thank all those who quoted me, enjoyed my posts and ramblings, and asked for advice.

    At the moment I am listening to David Bowie's 'Blackstar' at 24 bit/96 kHz using my unbalanced/SE AKG K 712 headphones in high gain mode (from Settings > Sound & notification > Gain setting > High), no up sampling, Digital Filter: Sharp, Lock Range Adjust: Normal, volume set between 144 - 148.
    Unit does get warm but not hot during use.

    The player is not as powerful as my CEntrance HiFi-M8 (the AKG K 712 are hungry hippos...), but the music is so effortlessly, airy, detailed, huge soundstage, great depth, unsure on width (hey just got it...), ORGANIC.
    This is something else.
    I'm not OTG this to my CEntrance as I'll lose a lot of the above, I'm sacrificing power because this beautiful slab of metal and glass is insane.
    These are just initial impressions, hardly anytime with my DP-X1 (haven't applied the DPA-GL033 tempered glass screen protector yet!), so I'll need time.

    Even so, I have been tearing up with wet cheeks at how lovely the music is, how amazing Bowie is. I'll let you take from that my first sonic impression as you will :')
    Listening to Lazarus...I'm connecting to music anew...

    I'm in aural bliss right now, brb, but enjoy the pics:

  14. TheOneInYellow

    Kaneda emailed me when I asked him.

    The Van Nuys VD-280-00 DP-X1/XDP-100R Carrying Case will take about a month to ship according to Kaneda (at the time I enquired, around the 3rd).
    He quoted me $94 on it's own or $60 with the DP-X1.

    I decided to stick to the official DPA-PUX1 leather case for the DP-X1 instead, receiving when it's released (around the 22nd, again according to Kaneda).
  15. davidmolliere
    I believe you're referring to this in the manual :
    It does not mean EU and international units are identical, volume limitation in EU means different volume table.
    Usually IEMs depending on impedance and sensitivity would need low to normal, headphones between normal and high for higher impedance
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