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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Whitigir
    Where is the gain setting ?
  2. Subhakar
    And suddenly, Onkyo DP-X1 is the Most Active Thread on HeadFi ahead of Mojo. :wink:
    davidmolliere and Cagin like this.
  3. ReizeiMako
    Home screen > setting > sound and notification > gain setting
  4. PrinceOfEgypt
    I have to wait 3 weeks for mine, but thats ok because im ordering a balanced cable from Peterk and that may take a few weeks to get here!
  5. TheOneInYellow

    Totally NOT my fault :p

    Btw, picked up parcel, off home (via bus grr roar)! :D

    Parcel is big but should mean it's equally protective!

    First impression of parcel box = EXCELLENT muhahahahahahaha!

    Unfortunately, yes, I got stung by customs charge, to the tune of £29.25 ($42.16 US)! :'(

    Oh well, never mind.

    I'll reply to previous posts as best as I can later.
  6. davidmolliere
    Curious : is gain setting set on high by default like it was for my EU XDP-100 ?
    I found that really strange (although it made sense given the volume limitation)
  7. TheOneInYellow

    There's so much to reply too...

    If only I could have the comfort of an amazing Android DAP with stellar features to comfort my sorrows away OH WAIT WHAT'S THAT IN THE BOX IN YOUR BAG ON THE BUS...not an ONKYO DP-X1!

    Suckers (to awaiting users)!


    I'm allowed to have my fun ok, I've been waiting so let me have my crazy moment.
    I may also suffer from EARGASMS too, just saying...
  8. Zenifyx
    Yes, high by default, on mine at least (I found that really weird too)
  9. ReizeiMako
    If you turn off the device and turn on again. The gain will remain the same as last time you set it. IIRC the first time I access gain setting of my device it was set to 'normal'
  10. badwisdom
    My gain setting was on high by default.

    Also, my volume limit was to the max during my short testing.

    Apparently the EU version will be identical but if you listen to more than 20hrs at above 130 levels, the unit will shut off !!!!!
  11. ReizeiMako
    Wait what??
  12. Zenifyx
    Look at who has the most posts too!
    Oh wait second and third on that list looks familiar too, where have I seen those IGNs? [​IMG]
    TheOneInYellow likes this.
  13. Whitigir
    Lol the funny thing is ? You guys are getting ready for balanced connection ASAP where as in Zx2, I had to push all the details and information out there before someone started to grind down that road :D such differences
  14. vrapan
    If that is for the DP-X1 you should consider yourself lucky... they would normally charge VAT on imports as well as custom charges.
    TheOneInYellow likes this.
  15. muso

    Lucky you!! Enjoy your special moment. I have another 2 weeks to wait. :upside_down:
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