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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. meegja
    Hello all. Name is Menno and I'm from the Netherlands. Own the Onkyo DP-X1 for a whopping 3 days now together with my Dunu DK-3001 in-ears, using the Balanced cable. Used to have the Fiio X5 3rd Gen but all the software issues drove me crazy. So I returned it to my dealer and got the Onkyo DP-X1 with a bit extra pay (DP-X1 is dropping in price now hat the DP-X1A is here).
    The DP-X1 at first drove me crazy too. The volume was way way to low, had to use volume of 140 for good volume but still it was missing "power". Also a lot of crackling in the sound, especially with 3rd party audio app (I like the JetAudio Plus app a lot). At first I thought that the combination of the DP-X1 and the Dunu DK-3001 was bad but the problems were also there with my Sennheiser IE 80 in-ears.
    But thank god for this Onkyo topic here on this forum. You guys and girls really are a wealth of information! :D Thank you in advance!!!
    Discovered here that the "Variable Line Out Mode" was the real saver. Once that was set to On, the DP-X1 really came to live. With the Gain setting to LOW 2 the crackling noises also are gone. Still there with the JetAudio app but that can be stopped by adjusting the extra sound settings in there. Turns out that the DP-X1 is very, very sensitive with settings.
    Having said that all, a few questions:
    • Using IEM with the Variable Line Out set to On, can it do any harm? Assuming that normal volumes are used.
    • What is the real difference between Balanced and A.C.G.? I do notice that A.C.G. lowers the volume and because I use the Gain LOW 2 setting, the volume drops really a lot. But is there a real noticeable difference in quality with my IEM?
    • Are there settings that are advised with my Dunu DK-3001 in-ears? I know it all is a very personal taste maybe someone has a useful tip :)
  2. DBaldock9
    This comment about A.C.G. - "In addition to a standard Balanced drive, the Onkyo also supports ACG (Active Control GND) drive. Onkyo claims that even though the Balanced drive gives you more power, ACG drive gives better stability, increased S/N ratio, greater spacial dimensionality, and overall cleaner sound." - comes from https://www.techhive.com/article/31...l-but-its-also-sweet-sounding-and-featur.html
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  3. howdy
    Hello Menno!
    Do you have the player on high gain? That should be more than enough to blow your ear drums out. I'm sure its on a lower gain. I also think the UI of this player is pretty intuitive it just takes getting used to as any player does.
    I have the X7ii to as well and its easy for me to just different.
    If you have any questions keep asking someone here will know.
  4. meegja
    With "Variable Line Out Mode" on Off, I had to use High Gain because otherwise even max volume at 160 was not really loud. But with "Variable Line Out Mode" on On, I now have Gain on Low2. Somehow the default setting produces a way way to low volume. With all my previous DAP's I was used to be around 50% of the volume. With the DP-X1 with "Variable Line Out Mode" Off I had to crank the volume to 140-150 for a bit of volume. Now with "Variable Line Out Mode" on On I am on around 110-120 with the Gain Low 2. If I set Gain to Normal then indeed I am at around 50% with 80-90.
    And the UI of the player is okay. But it has very limited possibilities. That's why I use the AudioJet app.
  5. addyg
    No, it is best for under 50ohm headphones with a few exceptions. I personally used a 42ohm audio-technica A900X and SE volume 100-130/160 on high gain.
  6. meegja
    Is MQA worth it all on the DP-X1? Is it the Hallelujah moment when listening to MQA? Did read about it and it seems that the camps are divided 50/50. One half is enthusiastic and praising it as the best thing since the invention of the wheel. The other half thinks it's a overhyped something where the quality does not stand out and bad for the music industry.
    Maybe I want to try MQA. I tried Onkyo Music but I can not buy there because I get an error: "This card was issued in a country that is not valid for purchases in this shop. Please use another card."? Which is strange cause it is a valid MasterCard which I already used with 7 Digital.
    Tidal and alike is not for me, I do not like streaming and/or monthly payment based things. I know of 7 Digital (which is heavily connected with Onkyo Music) but I can not find any MQA there.
    So, is there a site where I can purchase MQA for download to try? I know of 2L but they have mainly Classical and Jazz but not the ones I particularly like.
  7. whitemouse
    Interesting! My DP X1 doesn't even have ' Variable Line Out Mode'.

    I have 'fixed line out mode'
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
  8. meegja
    As I understood it, Variable Line Out Mode is only on European models of the DP-X1. Due to European rules, devices are restricted on the volume. European Union thinks we are all children and we all need protection from ourselves :frowning2: Hence the low volume in standard mode.
    To overcome that, the Variable Line Out Mode was introduced to restore max output. So your DP-X1 all ready has normal max output and doesn't has the Variable Line Out Mode.
    I am sure I will be corrected if wrong :)
  9. whitemouse
    Got you! Yup, there is some sort of European Union regulation for volume of everything portable with headphones. Friend of mine bought a Samsung phone in Europe, and with the free headphones that come in a box he is hardly able to able to listen Youtube, and phone's audio player. I tryed my Oppo PM-1 just out of curiosity, obviously Oppos need better amplification, but I couldn't even here music from his Samsung phone. Shure SE series are not a heavy load, not high Impedance, but also nearly useless with his phone. This is insane, ever since very first Walkman in 1979 we managed to listen portable music without Brussel's 'help', not any more.
  10. meegja
    And yet another question :)
    With the native Onkyo Music player, in Settings, there is a part called Headphone Types. In there, there is a list of all kind of Onkyo, Pioneer and Philips headphones ... and 1 setting called Other. Also a link "Learn More About Headphones" but nothing happens when pressed.
    So does it has any effect which one is chosen? So far I did not notice any difference.
    Also, is there a native Balance option on the DP-X1?
  11. whitemouse
    Again, my X1 doesn't have a menu with names of manufacturers name. This menu options make no sense at all, what if it had Sennheiser in the menu, HD800 and in ear PX200 are very different loads, so even if that menu let you choose output impedance, brand names are no help. Weird!

    'Learn more about headphoes' option is particularly funny. This is something a Chinese knock off smart phone would have, in order to make the phone look more 'professional' lol.

    Are you sure it's Onkyo DP X1 you have? :)

    Yes, the balanced out is true balanced out, use balanced cable and you'll hear the difference, it's not subtle.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
  12. meegja
    It is not in the settings of the X1 but in the settings of the Onkyo Music app. Oh and let me check ... yep, Onkyo DP-X1 it is :)
    And I did mean Balance, like in adjusting left and right channel volume :wink:
  13. whitemouse

    Oh :)

    Sorry, misunderstood you then, I didn't even look at Onkyo's own music app, download Poweramp from app store instead, that was the first thing I installed. And File Commander. And Flud downloader app.

    Poweramp is great music app, almost too complicated, but once you get used to it it is great app for making playlist etc
  14. meegja
    I tried PowerAmp and it is okay. But it is not that complicated IMHO. JetAudio has my preference overall. It has real good sound and it can be tweaked to the minute details. But it all is personal preference of course :) I for example do not use playlists at all.
  15. whitemouse

    I also don't make playlists, having several DAPs it would be such pain to line up songs in each player, instead Poweramp app plays songs going by file names, so with new SD card, or next DAP i can simply drag folders on a SD, and tell Poweramp to use file names. So easy!
    By complicated I meant that Poweramp developer has piled up incredible number of useless options, menu after menu and sub menu. But basic stuff, like in which order to play the folder is buried to the most illogical place, no one can find it on their own, Poweramp forum is flooded with this simple question. Instead of Million useless settings, settings that are not needed are there for the sake of having as many settings and options as possible. But what is needed the most is nearly impossible to find. Folder option is the first thing user is looking for. Apple knew this from very 2st iPod, you didnt have to look hard to line up songs the way you wanted. Windows program Winamp knows this since 1998, it plays songs in order they are in computer folder. Not so with Poweramp default setting, default list order is something Poweramp calls 'By track #'. Not song title, not file name, but something they call '#'. I don't know this sign means, it's a pound key, does it mean 'number'? Then why not spell out 'number'. Basicallydefault order of songs is random, and no way are you able to change play order on your own. You WILL ask support forum for help.

    I use Poweramp app because long long time ago it was one of very few apps that played FLAC, and every format known to man. It's the only Android app that I've payed money for :) so now I feel I feel bad if I dump it for something else.

    Can I ask you what settings are you tweeking with your DP X1? Other than occasional EQ bass settings I don't tweek anything, you mention you like to tweek :) do I'm curious
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017

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