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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. DBaldock9
    I rooted, and installed Viper4Android FX on my DP-X1B - to use for audio signal processing, rather than using the EQ of the various Media Player apps.
    The only one that it doesn't appear to work with, is TuneIn Radio Pro.
  2. meegja
    One of the reasons I like (and purchased) JetAudio is the easy/logical way of how to use it. It is very easy to play music through artists, albums, songs, folders, playlists, genre or network. It's UI is very intuitive. Again, for me it is, maybe for someone else it is not :) Also it has some very advanced settings for HRA, gapless, replay/auto gain (AGC) and so on.
    And the tweaking I do is in JetAudio itself. I used to have Sennheiser IE 80 in-ears. But now with the Dunu DK-3001 in-ears there is much much more detail and I noticed that things like adjusting a tiny bit more bass, a tiny bit more wide effect, a little tweak in the EQ in the highs and lows and using a -2 dB Preamp ... it makes a world of difference with the Dunu.
    If I use standard settings, it still sounds exceptionally. But is missing something, it's a bit "dull". I think it is because both the DP-X1 and the Dunu DK-3001 are natural sounding devices. They both lack added "warmth". The Fiio X5 3rd Gen for example was way more "present", way more there with the Dunu. But it also sounded less detailed plus there was a slight hiss when using Balanced. Guess I like a bit of warmth and a bit power in my sound :)
  3. whitemouse
    I don't think Android app has sound. Just like browsers (Chrome, Firefox) don't have sound. Music app just opens a file, sound characteristics depend on DAP.
  4. meegja
    Okay, it is software that handles sound files :) But still, without any tweaks the sound with Poweramp differs from Neutron which differs from JetAudio. JetAudio has a more clear sound in it, Poweramp has more power in it. The music file itself stays the same but the apps handle in in different ways.
  5. meegja
    Did you use Kingroot?
    I am not that fond of rooting, have some bad experiences with rooting phones :p
  6. whitemouse
    Yep, with everything untweeked, and set to flat you hear strictly how the track is recorded, for better or worse. No harm in tweeking, I tweek too. Older recordings, even 80s electronica often have very little bass, probably because during recording and mixing small 2 way monitors with 5" woofer were used in studio, recording engineer didn't care and didn't even hear what's going on below 60Hz. So listening Gary Numan or New Order etc I tweek bass
  7. whitemouse
    That is strange. Could it be just different volume levels? It is very easy to attribute all kinds of sound characteristics after little change in volume. There shouldn't be difference in sound no matter what app opens the file. CPU tells DAC to start decoding zeros and ones. Dac, amp and power suppy affect sound.
  8. meegja
    Not that strange. The comparison with browser and then YouTube. The videofile is the same yet the colors and contrast in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox can be different.
    Same goes for for video or sound on my PC: if I use the standard Windows Media Player or I use VLC Media Player: by default the sound/movie is different. Same file but video with VLC is more brilliant.
    Think apps work the same way: it can have a setting by default where it adds a bit more bass, has a plus or minus pre-amp or has a 32bit float HRA setting ... the processed sound is still the same yet it is handled differently by apps giving it a different sound in output.
  9. whitemouse
    Mmmm .. nope! I must insist, software does not have 'sound'.

    How much eggnogg have you had tonight there in Dutchland :)

    I'm going to collapse now, it's is after 4am here. Greetings from Bangkok!

    And no more eggnogg, ok :)
  10. George M
    Dear friends, I have a dpx1 and a dpx1a. Both jacks from both daps are partially not working or not working.

    I have given the dpx1 for local repair but technician is not able to find the original or any other matching jacks.

    I would like to ask if anyone was able to find the original jacks or any matching alternative jacks.

    Thank you,

  11. whitemouse
    I feel your pain. My 3.5mm is broken.
    The only legit business seems to be https://www.facebook.com/romiaudio/

    Headfi member TheNoose mentioned it not long ago in this thread.

    EMS shipping to Hong Kong is around 5 days, no different than shipping from Japan. 500 HK$ is around $60 USD.

    I wrote to them, Romi Audio quickly replied, they are in Hong Kong, here's the screen cap of the convo.

    Onkyo HK repair.jpg

    I'm using Balanced Out, when that fails I will the Onkyo DP X1 to Hong Kong, to Romi Audio for repairs. They replace the factory sockets, those are garbage, even if you'd find the original parts, why solder them to circuit board, they'll fail again. These sockets are garbage, normal $0.50 socket that every smart phone uses does not fail unless you seriously abuse it. Onkyo used worst sockets known to man in original X1, every $40 cell phone with Audio Out uses higher quality socket. But what's worse, like Ostrich, Onkyo puts its head in the sand, and simply ignores the issue, and its a very, very common issue with X1.

    There are 3 notorious, widely known fails in portable audio - Grado cable's Y split, failure rate of Audeze LCD 2 and 3 (at least from 2012 to 2016) and now we can add Onkyo DP X1 output sockets.
  12. whitemouse
    Here, original post by TheNoose. Should sticky of this thread, every DP X1 needs to know this!
  13. whitemouse
    Onkyo, if you happen to keep an eye on this thread, hire me as product developer for your next DAP.

    I know you won't because you don't care, so here's free advice, use above average quality headphone output sockets, it costs whopping $2 USD a piece, but you'll survive. If you can't stetch that, then start using just average output sockets, sockets that every phone manufacturer uses. But one day, when you feel like splurging, use this one:




    $2 plug. This plug is not soldered to circuit, instead it is attached to player's metal case, and connected to board with cables. It can't come off circuit board, because it isn't attached, not soldered to circuit board.

    Secondly, its 4 internal contacts that make a connection with 2.5mm TRRS headphone plug are springs, they will not become 'tired', and fail like your X1 sockets do.

    This socket in indestructible if used as intended. Yes, it costs $2, and not $0.50 what your X1 developer managed to find god only knows where, but trust me, the extra $1.50 is worth it. You'll bring so much joy to your customers, I urge you to consider it! Just ask how many Sony ZX and Z1 have sockets fail, my guess is Zero.

    Here, buy truck load, you'll get them at even lower cost:

  14. Thomas De Brito
    just wondering in order to change the audio port and opening the device, do you need to open it via the screen (heating the glue) or with a pick thru the casing. does anyone have a link to a new good quality jack from aliexpress, I'm not starting a business any time soon but I could order one or two of those jacks from lunashop

  15. DBaldock9
    Be aware that the pictured 2.5mm 4-Pole TRRS jack, will be shorting one of the signal leads to the case - which will probably damage the amplifier.
    You will have to use an insulating bushing, through the metal case, to keep from shorting out the signal.
    You can tell this, because there are only three solder lugs - the fourth signal comes from the outer case of the jack.
    For a TRS jack, the GND can be connected to the case - but with a TRRS jack, all four signals are separate from GND.

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