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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. strooper
    People have secured the outer gold ring, but don't use superglue. You can search the site to learn why--I don't remember the reason but people were pretty vehement about not using superglue.
  2. fordski
    Earlier in the thread there's a lot of discussion about using various techniques to essentially glue the jack to the casing so it doesn't pull out as the only thing holding it are the solder joints on the board. I did this fix using JB Weld shortly after I got mine 18 months ago. I cut a narrow piece of plastic that fit between the jack and the casing and used it to gently insert and apply a layer of JB Weld around the jacks. You just need to be careful you don't apply too much so that it doesn't ooze onto the board. super glue isn't a good solution as it's too runny and will go inside onto the board etc.

    I use the balanced jack almost exclusively and have had no problems with it in the 18 months I have owned the Onkyo. The jack is rock solid and shows no sign of movement. If you want to see what others have done just go a search "jack fix" or some term like that.
  3. Jjc27
    I went the jb weld route as well. I used a tooth pick to try to scoop as much as possible into the small gap around the jack. I cleaned around the Jack's before the weld dried and it looks great. I did this to both Jack's on a x1a and it's rock solid now.
    The better way to do this would be internally by lifting the screen and using non conductive epoxy to secure the Jack's to the board. And then doing the same to the case.
    I totally agree that jb weld is the way to go but it's also the most risky because if you mess up and let it dry it's going to be a pain to clean but it's doable.
  4. wormcycle
    I will do that (jb weld) on the 2.5 jack. 3.5 jack was so loose that I had to cut a narrow stripe of plastic, wrap it around the jack. It was pretty tight and then I removed it like 3/4 of the way, used toothpick to put just a touch of non liquid super glue making sure that nothing gets inside and pushed the plastic back. Works, but why do we need to do that.
  5. Jjc27
    I totally agree. There is no need for diy fixes on something like this, but of well I think this dap is worth it. Good luck.
  6. whitemouse
    Onkyo DP X1 headphone socket fail piece of shit fix repair.png
    Hey, thank you for the link to photos of Onkyo DP X1. The headphones out sockets can be seen on 1 photo. My player 3.5mm piece of s*hit headphones out socket failed after 1 week of use. I had read many posts of headphone sockets fail, both 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm, they all fail, the one that you use more obviously fails first.

    I knew how badly the headphones socket is designed, how fragile it is, I never put the player in my jeans pocket with headphones pluged in, because even slight bending the plug will destroy the $1 plastic socket. I used a strong pouch to carry the Onkyo DP X1 with me.

    Has anyone managed to repair these sockets, without destroying the LCD? Once the sockets fail, the only access for repairing or replacing them is to to remove the Lcd display. Thanks Onkyo, for using cheapest parts for critical part of the player, and designing the player so cleverly that accessing the sockets is as difficult as possible.

    Send your engineers to Sony school of heaphone socket design, please, because your design team blows. Onkyo DP X1 has 3 critical parts - volume pot, and 2 headphone sockets. Your design team obviouly doesn't use your own product, if they did they'd design sturdy sockets.

    I will have to fix the onkyo headphone socket myself, every phone repair shop has turned me away, they won't touch it.

    Here is the photo of the piece of crap headphones socket that WILL fail, and need repair, it's only matter of time when yours fail!
  7. addyg
    Luckily mine after 23 months did not fail. The Jack issue I think is over worry. The part and soldering to pcb is very standard. Rather the Sony wm1a has a small pcb for Jack and use wires to connect it to main pcb is not common in DAP design.

    The dpx1 jack actually can be repaired / replaced more easier than the 4.4 Sony Jack which is more difficult to find in electronics market.
  8. addyg
    Try to search the 1000 pages of this thread I think you can know how small a percentage the Jack fall out by itself.

    Not to mention the photo of broken comes from China second hand market where the owner actually sit on the jack with earphone connected.

    Which DAP's jack you can sit on it with earphone connected? To be fair.
  9. wormcycle
    Have you seen any other DP where headphone jacks will be moving in the case? Like X5, iBasso, Sony? I have seen three DP-X1 like that.Or any other player where a headphone jack would be so loose as the 3.5 jack on DP-X1?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2017
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  10. addyg
    No, maybe they just don't take this as a matter. I come from a user forum consist of a few hundred dpx1 300r cmx1, the Jack issue is quite seldom heard. One user changed to a dx200 and got the Jack clean cut his earphone plug inside the Jack body. Well it was just a case.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2017
  11. whitemouse
    You may come from large forum where Onkyo DP X1 headphones jack issues are seldom heard.
    I come from Head Fi, and the issues regarding headphones jacks of DP X1 are very common. In fact, on Head Fi there are 2 things that are constant in Onkyo DP X1 threads - 1. great player, 2. headphone jack broken or loose.

    Why pretend that both Onkyo DP X1 headphones jacks are designed very poorly, it is a faulty design, and Onkyo should offer free repair, out of warranty or not. Or recall, and replace them with headphone sockets that you can actually use without a fear of even breathing near them.
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  12. Matrix Petka
    Agree 100%. After about 12 months VERY careful using balanced socket broken. Faulty cheap construction 100%.
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  13. howdy
    Mine is good for now but I agree that Onkyo did a absolutely horrible job attaching the jacks. He'll there are 30 plus year old walkmans that are more robust than this.
  14. addyg
    And if you read through this thread you may be surprised that you can count equal amount of bricked dpx1(s) due to rooting.

    I am saying the pictures may be horrified. But as I see it just very seldom the Jack fall out.

    Romi audio did many repair (Jack) job, you can visit there FB to count the numbers.
  15. wormcycle
    Rooting is not an engineering or manufacturing defect, faulty headphone jack in s pretty expensive DAP is. It is so obvious that I just wonder what was the reason for your post.

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