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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. ampair
    same time and place as last time? i can also organize a fridge with beer :wink:

  2. plakat
    Thats fine with me :)
    Should we fill the fridge on Friday? It might take some time... On the other hand unsupervised beer might be in jeopardy at a technical university :wink:
    Looking forward to Nonnos W3000 -- very good looking, but I never came around to listen... There was a pair at the fair in Essen last year, but they did not find their way to me somehow.
  3. nonno breuss
    What was the time again to be shure?
  4. ampair
    don't worry, we always have more than enough beer in the fridge :D
  5. plakat
    I can bring some cans to restock... your colleagues might not be too happy with us otherwise :wink:
    Yes, lets keep it at 3pm.
  6. ampair
    thanks for the offer, but there's absolutely no need to. really. let's put this into perspective:
    we (student's union) get a delivery of 40 boxes of stiegl & murauer at least every two weeks and we have two beverage fridges capable of cooling 16 boxes total. so, even if we manage to gather 30 people we would be ridiculously wasted before we run out of cold beer :wink:
  7. ampair
    ok guys, a small change of plans is at hand:
    first, the meet will be in another building (gusshausstraße 27, elektrotechnisches institut). this has two main advantages:
    • it's publicly open until 11pm, even on saturday. no fuzzing around with locked doors.
    • the two beverage fridges i mentioned earlier are much closer :wink:
    second, i'd like to start at 1pm since i have to leave at 3 (i have an invitation in linz, we're cooking steaks. with kobe beef. no way on earth i'm gonna miss this.)
    any objections?
  8. plakat
  9. ampair
    just to clarify, in case you're wondering: the meeting won't end at 3pm just because i'm gone, as i said the building (and the room) will remain open long enough.
    besides: who of you will come and what gear will you bring?
    i'll scale down from last time and settle on q701, k240 sextett, k340 + dac + amp.
    if you would like me to bring anything else, tell me.
  10. plakat
    K240 and K340 are definitely interesting, having owned the latter long ago I'm eager to hear it again.
    I don't know whether my Phonitor will make it in time... current plan includes the following items:
    Beyerdynamic T5p
    Beyerdynamic T90
    Beyerdynamic T51p
    Beyerdynamic A200p (though my unit has some problems with mobile devices)
    Fostex HP-V1
    Plus some subset of HP-A8, Meier Audio Classic, Meier Audio Daccord as space permits.
    If anybody is interested I can also bring along a K702 Anniversary Edition.
    One friend will bring along his new gear (so I won't have to :wink:
    Fostex TH600
    Fostex HP-A4
    I'll also bring along my small CD Player, so take some CDs with you...
  11. nonno breuss
    1pm is fine with me
    I'll bring hd650, little dot mk3, he400, w3000 (should arrive later today or tomorrow, so that will be almost the first listen..)
    Can't wait to hear the phonitor
  12. RAFA
    Are we talking about tomorrow. Hopefully not, because I have Quartalsinventur, the whole day :frowning2:
  13. ampair

    uhmm... i'm afraid we do, as we have been doing for the last few weeks. you definitely should check this thread more often [​IMG]
    don't worry, i'm sure there will be another meet before the summer.
  14. RAFA

    You mean, there was a meeting last week too?

    Ok, I will check it out more often.
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