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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. RAFA
    Are there any head-fiers in upper - Austria, that would like to meet and show off their equipment, talk and drink some beer. I think it would be great fun.
    Reply if you would like to come and if we are more than 4, I may organize something if you like.
  2. FoxSpirit
    Better late than never: Austrian head-fi represent [​IMG]
    Well, maybe some other people will see this and chime in too.
  3. RAFA
    Oh wow, at last [​IMG]. Cannot believe this. There are some people in Vienna, but don't think they would join in. Wonder how long will it take to have another one reply to this thread...
  4. ampair
    ... 2 years [​IMG]

    i'm not exactly from upper austria, but if there's a head-fi meet in linz i'd like to join in. maybe there are other viennese guys who would do the 1h30 trip...?
  5. RAFA
    Wow, this is even less believable. If we could get more than 5 people together in Vienna, I or we could organize a small meet.
    It is no problem for me to come to Vienna on a weekend, would only have to plan it with my work :)
  6. pcyco
    there is one more :)
  7. RAFA

    Awesome! 4 People. We are almost there :)
  8. bishibosh8
    I could come down from Bavaria, Germany for a meet. I lack in nice gear and foreign language though. :/
  9. RAFA

    maybe we could turn this into an official Vienna meet with exhibitors showing off their stuff, but one would need much more visitors.

    Except of a few nice portable gear, I lack all the desktop stuff.
  10. bishibosh8
    How many visitors is typical for exhibitors to show up? I could talk to some friends.
  11. RAFA
    That is something I do not know. Probably hundreds? Hmm, I have no experience with it. Maybe I should ask a Moderator about this, since I believe they are more experienced with this. I will change the title into Vienna meet.
  12. pcyco
    maybe there is a possibility in any dedicated "hifi-shop in vienna.
    RAFA likes this.
  13. ampair
    i'm definitely interested :)
    and since we meet in vienna, maybe it would be possible to visit akg hq? FritzS should know a few people there...
  14. RAFA

    Something like that would be great. I will check out the akg website after work and contact akg properly.
  15. bishibosh8
    That would be awesome, I've been meaning to get a pair of AKG headphones for awhile.
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