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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. plakat
    Sorry, I overlooked a calendar entry... Next possible date for me is 8th of June
  2. ampair
    hmmm... that's whitsunday and i'm on a scout camp until monday.
    weekend of 14./15 of june?
  3. plakat
    June 7th would be OK (actually I prefer Saturdays), 15th is also possible (14th not though).
  4. ampair
    15th sounds good.
    is there REALLY nothing else on your calendar on that date...? :p
  5. plakat
    I sure hope so :wink:
    May is quite dense unfortunately... and Beyerdynamic won't send out the A2 before their official launch at High End Munich next week. 
  6. ampair
    not even for a fellow head-fi'er? bad boys indeed.
  7. ampair
    @RAFA: is june 15th also ok for you?
  8. RAFA

    I will be there :)
  9. plakat
    Very much so... I even threw money their way up front :wink:
  10. ampair
    i just "spammed" a few (supposedly) austrian people with an invitation to this thread, let's see if anyone of them chimes in...
  11. pcyco
    sorry i have not time at
    the weekend june 14,15.
    i hope, next time works better for me.
  12. Blinxat
    I tend to have time Sunday to Wednesdays of every week. But I always work the entire day on Thu, Fri, Sat.
  13. plakat
  14. ampair

    sweet :)
    i'll have to check my bank account if any new toy is possible for me, but i sure hope so...
  15. plakat
    I could offer a K702 Anniversary Edition, which is resting in its box... would match well with your impressive AKG collection.
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