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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. ampair
    i will check a few options at TU, should know more by the end of the week.
    and i can provide accomodation for two people, if you don't mind sharing an extendable couch.
  2. plakat
    Thanks -- my wallet did hurt from time to time :wink:
    Very interested in hearing the HD650 at last -- never came around to it. And pairing my T1 with tubes is also high on my agenda. Heard the HE400 in Essen last september, nice phone though a bit heavy as all models of that kind I guess.
    Regarding sources I can provide a Pro-Ject Audio CD Box S with a coaxial digital out (or their internal TI TLV320DAC23 DAC):
  3. pcyco
    if the other ideas dont work we can meet us at my home.
    i live at the north vienna border 21th district.
    place enough for more than 10 people.
    i only have to know it some time futher.
  4. ampair
    i can reserve a seminar room at TU (also on short notice), but thomas' house also sounds good. any news from the hotel?
  5. plakat
    Sorry for my Late reply, busy at work...
    My Contact at Said Hotel was ON Holiday, so I could not reserve a room there so far. Main question: how many will attend?

    From the other options I'd prefer the TU as its easier for me to reach.
  6. pcyco
    count me
  7. RAFA
    Sadly I have to say, that I will not come. I will leave the country for the weekend :)
  8. ampair
    i'm in, of course. i'll reserve the seminar room, just in case.
  9. ampair
    soooo.... 3 people as of now? are there any more that want to participate?
  10. nonno breuss
    I'll be there. And I'm fine also with a home (more compfy) if it is easy to reach by public transport (no car). What time do you prefer? I'd need to know soon so I can arrange childcare.. Thanks!
  11. nonno breuss
    If it's OK for you I'd suggest to meet at 3pm. After more consideration the location of the tu would actually be perfect for me
  12. plakat
    3pm was on my mind also...
    Lets stick with TU.
    @ampair: can you give us some directions on how to locate the room?
  13. pcyco
    sounds great
    ps.: lasst uns die telefonnummern austauschen
  14. ampair
    alright, 3pm it is.
    the building is at floragasse 7, the nearest public transport stops are taubstummengasse (u1) and paulanergasse (tram 1, 62, badner bahn).
    i'll send each of you a pm with my phone number, because the building is generally locked during the weekend.
  15. plakat
    A bit late, but at last a short post on our first meet in Vienna... We were just 5 people, outnumbered by a factor beyond 3 by the headphones brought along. Very nice, interesting discussions and too many things to try out -- I missed out on several but hope for another opportunity to check out the rest.
    @ampair: many thanks for organizing the room.
    @everybody: thanks for being there, for bringing along so many toys, for the nice discussions and an afternoon full of music.
    I'm looking forward to the next meet (maybe March, 15th?) and hope to attract even more people.
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