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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. plakat
    No, only this week... sorry to hear you're busy. It was a lot of fun last time, so I guess we'll have another one soon, maybe in Mai? My calendar show Mai 3rd and 10th as available right now.
  2. pcyco
    i hope it was an nice meeting.
    i was in the hospital because my wife is ill.
    see you next time-
  3. plakat
    Hi Thomas,
    sorry to hear that... hope she is well.
    We wondered yesterday whether you forgot. It was a very nice afternoon with a lot of new toys. See you next time around!
  4. pcyco
    not forgotten, but i dont want to sty my wife alone, at home.
    she was not able to move or do anything else.
    now she feels better but only with the help of pills.
    @ ampair: could we make e little extra meeting for a recabeling session :)
  5. ampair
    sure, would be best if you call me.
    @plakat: could you post some of the photos you took?
  6. plakat
    Yes, of course -- if thats OK for all people on those photos... unfortunately I took even fewer photos than last time.
  7. plakat
    Since there were no objections I guess I can add said photos :wink:
    Thanks to everybody, it was once again a very nice afternoon. Looking forward to our next installment...
  8. RAFA

    Wow nice. I will make sure I will come next time.
  9. plakat
    Yes, please do so. We had some really nice cans and oodles of electronics (and cables...). Next time we'll even have a bottle opener. I hope.
  10. RAFA

    For that, I will take an iPod with me :) It will do better than a lighter :)
  11. plakat
    Considering how many complain that the iPods back scratches so easily thats a tough choice for a bottle opener :wink:
    Of course it would fit the theme of the meet better than a standard opener...
  12. ampair
    a colleague of mine once owned an iphone 3g. according to him, opening beer was the only thing it was good for [​IMG]
  13. plakat
    As May is already here... lets see if we can find a free day for our next iteration.
    Currently I might be available (pending confirmation) on May, 10., 17. 23. or 25. I'll have to check that again, but would prefer the 25th as I'm expecting some new toys that will be delivered in the week starting on 19th (i.e. after High End Munich, which I'll attend on 15th -- if anybody's there lets meet for some coffee).
    If all goes well I can bring along some new things:
    Focal Spirit Professional
    NAD HP50 (maybe)
    Beyerdynamic A 2
    Beyerdynamic T90 Jubilee
    The Phonitor Mini is not yet available unfortunately, current target is end of May.
    I'm also working on organizing a test unit of Meridians Prime headphone amp -- lets see...
  14. ampair
    i would also prefer the 25th, since i am already occupied on 10th and 17th.
    just keep in mind that this is the day of the eu-election.
    and it also happens to be towel day [​IMG] 
    edit: i just pm'ed rafa so he won't miss it again...
  15. RAFA

    I will come this time! DX50, X3, Colorfly CK4+, if you want and hifi et ma9 too. PHA2, E12 DIY... ESW11LTD. I will bring them :)
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