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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. plakat
    Well, it depends... on your definition of speakers :wink:
    If that's what you mean:
    Or this:
    Then: yes :wink:
  2. Yanaka

    X) awesome cyberpunk atmosphere in the first pic. :p
  3. RAFA
    How do you like the new thread-title :)
  4. ampair
    Very much, thanks :)
  5. ampair
    a new toy has arrived: the Bushmaster MkII DAC!
    ...which i will bring to the meet, of course [​IMG]
    for its price it performs remarkable, i'm eager too see/hear how it compares to other dacs.
  6. RAFA

    Looking forward to it. I just sold my Aune T1. There is now a need for a desktop dac/amp.
  7. plakat
    @ampair new DACs are always welcome. I hope you stroke it from left to right with the last full moon... otherwise it might sound off :wink: And don't forget to wrap your digital cable around a beer can... bits are in much better shape when arriving at the DAC. Of course you need to replace the can with a cold one on regular intervals. (Things that come to mind on a day that starts with an overdue project and an expired test account needed to test a payment interface implementation...)
    Quite undecided what to bring along... any suggestions? Available:
    Meier Audio Daccord DAC + Classic Amp
    Fostex TH600, TH900, HP-P1, HP-V1, HP-A4, HP-A8
    Beyerdynamic T51p, DT1350, T90, T5p, T1, A2 Amp
    SPL Phonitor 2
    Still contemplating some new toys:
    Beyerdynamic T70
    Ultrasone Signature Pro
    V-Moda Vamp Verza
    CEntrance Hifi-M8
    Too many decisions, not enough time...
  8. ampair
    thank god, the next full moon is just in time for the meet (june 13), this will certainly make for a clearer sound signature. but i'm not so sure of the beer can method, won't the bits start staggering and get blurry? and what if the dac starts seeing double bits? i think i'd rather drink the beer myself :wink:
    as for your toys: since i didn't have much time at the last meet, i'd really like to test the phonitor 2 again, also i'm interested in hearing the t70 and the t5p.
  9. RAFA
    At what time does the meet start?
  10. ampair
    we haven't decided yet, the last meet started at 1pm.
    any objections if we keep that way?
  11. RAFA

    I am fine with that.
  12. Yanaka

    Sure! [​IMG] But where is it? Sorry, if I missed it somewhere. [​IMG]
  13. plakat
    1pm is ok I think.
    @ampair: Is the location we used last time, TU Vienna, the newer part of the faculty for electrical engineering, available again?
  14. ampair
    yes it will be, but since the meet is on a sunday the doors will most likely be locked. i will talk to the porter to keep one door open, and i will pm each of you my phone number just in case.
    the address is gusshausstraße 29, the nearest public transport stops are karlsplatz (u2, u4 + several trams), taubstummengasse (u1) and paulanergasse (trams 1, 62, badner bahn).
  15. ampair
    i just pm'ed my phone number to all who didn't already have it - if i have forgotten someone please let me know.
    since the room of the last meet is already taken (yeah. on a sunday. at a university. blaah...) we will be in a different one which will fit our needs. if needed, i'll post directions on the front door.
    see you all tomorrow!
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