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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. Yanaka

    Mark me as interested too!

    I don't have any fancy gear to bring with me but my curiosity :) You can all try to make me love your favorite HP the most! :p
  2. plakat
  3. ampair

    and Frucade [​IMG]
  4. plakat
    We should get Eierlikör... people would beat a path to our door.
    Well, maybe we should finally take to hififorum as well...
  5. ampair
    hmmm... "Eierlikör oder Frucade?"
    my guess is, there are not a lot of people here who know where this comes from :)
    hififorum would be yours to take, i don't have an account there.
  6. ampair
    curiosity is, of course, always welcome.
    but you should better call your bank in advance to put put a tighter limit to your credit card :wink:
  7. plakat
    Well, I do but do not use it... took several looks, but people seemed to get into arguments quite easily there... so I stayed away. Guess I don't have enough posts (if any) to open a new thread there...
  8. ampair
    in that case we should let johnny do this. from what i've heard he's having a hard time there, luring people away from cable esoterics.
    but then again, he's not even managed to open an account here. since 4 months...
  9. plakat
    no wonder if he's helping out cable addicts... but at least he has enough posts to open threads then :wink:
  10. ampair
    i'm not sure if he's really "helping out". i'm afraid it's more like talking to a brick wall.
    but i'll talk to him, the people who are listening to him are probably just the right ones for us [​IMG]
  11. RAFA
    I am ok with the 15th :)
  12. Yanaka

    Frucade sounds great. [​IMG]
    I've had a chance to listen to plakat's Fostex TH-600, Bayerdynamic T90, BD T1, BD T5P and V-Moda M100s. [​IMG]
    TH600 and T90 are interesting me the most right now. But still way undecided and I'd like to hear some of your other models.. especially how they compare to cheaper models. [​IMG]

    I could bring my Fostex HP-A4 to the next meeting. But I'd have to borrow someone elses Laptop to connect it to. My old Laptop runs Linux.. and you know how well that will work [​IMG]

    Aready done... :wink:

    On a sidenote.. is anyone of you a speaker-addict?
  13. Gintaras
    15th June seems like fine for me, i should return by 12th from a trip. Unfortunately i have fewer gear since sold many things not used them. Can bring Tralucent 1+2 IEM and T1 amp, also Rhapsodio RDB v1 IEM, DAP RWAK100 and Shozy x1 amp, that's perhaps all i have at the moment.
  14. Gintaras
    you should tease James444, he has a whole collection of FAD IEMs but i am not sure if he will be interested.
  15. ampair
    i already contacted him, but no answer so far. if you already know him, maybe you can pm him?
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