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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. luckybaer
    This is a $149 tube hybrid headphone amp. I wouldn't go too crazy spending a lot of money on tubes and stuff. But, the again, I'm one to talk, as I've got a handful of tubes (none of which cost more than $60, and half of them are $30 or less). I like this little amp so much, that I pulled it out of storage and placed it back into my system. It isn't as resolving or transparent as the Taurus MkII (which costs 10x as Vali 2), but it is one heck of an amp, and fun to fiddle with tubes.
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  2. Robert Padgett
    Wow am I glad I read that... I thought I was careening off the rails when I bought a matched pair of Russian 6H8C Fotons for $40... My Mouse-ears was under $10 with shipping, and I have a pair of 6J5s for $14 just waiting on the dual adapters. I have considered that I have spent more on tubes than on the amp...but that is what's fun, switching tubes...
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  3. Grado Diesel
    Does it really make that much of a difference using the high gain vs low gain setting on the Vali 2? I’ve been running mine into a pair of Hifiman HE400i’s for over 2 years on the low gain setting. Comfortable listening levels with is setup is about noon on the volume pot. Recently I read in a review that the low gain setting has uses negative feedback and that I’ll hear the tubes characteristics more in high gain. That brings my comfortable listen level down to 8-9 o’clock. Is this the way to go? I’m wondering if i’m sacrificing stereo balance that low on the volume pot. Also on high gain the highs almost seem harsh.
  4. Keno18
    On high gain you're probably hearing more of the tube's character. If you prefer the sound in low gain leave it that way. You're not depriving yourself of anything. If you leave it in high gain you'll have to tube roll until you find something you like.
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  5. Robert Padgett
    Welcome to one of the hairiest topics in all of the audiophilia...
    Hi vs Lo, the eternal battle of the gain switch.
    One question may provide you the very best opinion--What sounds better to you?
    And I am not being a smarty--there are so many factors, like the tube, the type of tube (6SN7 or 6922), the HPs-- high-efficiency or high impedance, and to be really honest, there is no "right answer".

    It really boils down to flipping the flipping switch, and if you like that better--well there you have it.
    And if you roll the tubes, or try different HPs, it is so easy to flip it and try both.

    Enjoy the Music, my friend
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  6. ScubaMan2017
    My audio nervosa gets itchy with gain switches, and whether I can really detect a difference between carefully produced 16-bit (CD) and 24-bit FLAC from a place like HD-Tracks. I use my gain switches to have finer volume control (tiny volume knobs... Yeti-large-sized fingers). @Baldr made an (recent) post about how the Multi-bit architecture was designed for commercially-produced discs. ...or that's how I interpreted it.

    Perception. Perception. Perception. :ksc75smile:
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  7. Robert Padgett
    "Our gear is best with a relationship. We do our very best to provide consistent audio reproduction. The clients we enjoy the most are those who understand this. It is designed to be routinely at its best with Redbook CD audio, some 37 years after its introduction. The Redbook digital audio still is the lion’s share of all digital recordings in existence today. All Schiit DACs, and particularly the Multibits are designed to be at their best with Redbook sources. This has nothing to do with “tuning” and everything to do with accurate reproduction. Schiit DACs are not designed to have tinkly highs, wide soundstage, bass slam, etc. They are designed to reproduce a recording which existed as acoustic energy at one time (original recording). The greatest sonic benefit for the most people seeking a reproduction of music. The greatest source of original recordings is Redbook." -- @Baldr

    I had never seen it written out, but I had long suspected that the design philosophy for Schiit was indeed to the maximum benefit from the Music we own (16/44.1 Shannon-Nyquist CD, standard Redbook), rather than what we might need to buy (DSD, MQA, SACD). When I read a comparative analysis which uses a DSD or SACD source, and the reviewer seems unimpressed by Schiit, I know that what I hear from my CD collection reaches and exceeds my expectations.
  8. luckybaer
    Out of curiosity, why did you respond in such a sarcastic manner? Did you miss the part where I even admitted I spent a decent amount of $$ on tubes? I also had a favorable comment on the amp itself. If my intent was to insult those who (like myself) spent $$ tube rolling w/Vali 2, the tone and language in my post would have made it obvious.

    Again, just so there is no misunderstanding: the original post had NO intentions of insulting anyone. If you were offended, please do not construe this as an apology.
  9. Robert Padgett
    I am sorry that you read that as sarcastic. I was only sharing my experience with tube rolling rather inexpensive tubes on the Vali 2.
    I was glad to read that you were having a similar experience.
    My fear of spending a great deal of money on a $149 tube amp, like yours is a real factor in my tube buying. I have been very lucky to get a 6SN7 Mouse-ears for $10, but alas, I dropped it and it broke.
    The pair of FOTONs were purchased for use on a Valhalla using 6SN7 adapters--sometime in the future, and they were 1951 issue, so they will only increase in value. But I didn't buy them to gloat or brag or re-sell them, they were highly recommended for the VH2.
    If you look up 6J5s, then you will understand that $14/pair for vintage valves is quite reasonable, and I am waiting on the dual adapter to use on the Vali 2.
    So out of curiosity, what part of my post seemed sarcastic to you?
    I read that you had bought some $30 tubes, and I agreed, having bought a pair for $40. What I was saying is that I am glad that there are other "rollers" who aren't afraid of investing in tubes which are a large fraction of the cost of the amp.
    My suggestion is to chill out, listen to your Music, and not be so sensitive to your perceived impressions.
    We are all on the same boat--tube rolling-- because it is fun.
    Picking apart my post to find evil intent was a waste of your time, and now two posts later, we are still trying to help you understand.
    And trust me, if I was being sarcastic, you would know it, because hyperbole and exaggeration are sometimes humorous.
    I don't regret buying a $48 Telefunken E88CC-TK, but it was before I even had a Vali 2 to play it with...then found out the desirable TFs were German, not new production.
    Live and learn. Chill and Enjoy...we are on the same side, Comrade.
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  10. ScubaMan2017
    For me, it's the first time Schiit's co founder laid our their reason WHY they developed multibit. Perhaps the chapters referred to it... and I just didn't pick it up. I had my "ah ha" moment with multibit. Good fun. :ksc75smile:

    ...of course it could be all hoo-haa and psychosomatic... That doesn't bother me any more (and I'll ultimately pick up a Gungnir x.x ... with the Multibit-kung-foo-grip), eh.
  11. Robert Padgett
    Gumby on b-stock sale list today
  12. Robert Padgett
  13. ScubaMan2017
    With apologies to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Doctor Frankenfurter would have approved of this... um... modification.
    Source: http://gifsfromgod.tumblr.com/post/3777232899/rocky-horror-picture-show-dr-frank-n-furter . Downloaded/uploaded January 29, 2019. Author: ? Published ~7 years ago.

    I can see you shiver,
    with antici........

  14. ScubaMan2017
    Need to set funds aside. January & February are cold and lean. Oh yes, I'm watching that list.... very.... intently.
    Source: http://www.dumpaday.com/funny-pictures/30-funny-soon-meme-pics/ ; downloaded/uploaded January 29, 2019; Posted May 16, 2013. Author (user): Jon.
  15. RickB
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