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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Grado Diesel
    I’ve been rockin the Genelex Gold Lion E88CC for two years now and am thinking a hitting the Tube Depor and getting an EHX 6CG7. Anyone know if getting the gold pins will make a difference? And how about the low noise and microphonics $4 option too? - Does that make a difference in this application?
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  2. Keno18
    Personally I don't think it makes a difference. I've used both the 6cg7 without the gold and the genalex. I never felt the gold made a difference. As for microphonics, I haven't run into a tube yet that had it, especially a new production one.

    Edit: If it bothers, do what I did get a gold plated socket saver from ebay. This way you always have a gold contact on both the tube and the socket in the Vali 2.
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  3. Robert Padgett
    tube04295.JPG Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived at Audio Nirvana. A Tung-Sol 6SN7GT 'Mouse-ears' atop the Vali 2 HP amp with adapter and socket-saver.
    Having never heard a tube HP amp before the Vali 2, this is quite an upgrade from the stock 6N1P/6922 tube with the Vali 2.
    6SN7 is a very good match with Jason's electronics. I recommend it highly
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  4. ScubaMan2017
    My god, you did it. No magic smoke from the Vali? I take it the socket-saver/adapter/tube didn't tear off the red mother board? And it's not so top heavy that the Vali topples over?

    Does my stock tube work? Sure. However, I'm intrigued by having an oversized glass tube sticking out of my Vali. So, @Robert Padgett ... the components are the following (right?): Vali >>> socket saver (so the tube clears the aluminium chassis) >>> adapter >>> Tung-Sol 6SN7GT (by the way, they're called "mouse ears" because of the 2 metals stacks inside the tube, right?).
    Question: would you consider a bracket-like retainer to support the oversized tube perched on top of the Vali? I have house-panthers (cats)... a wobbling tube... marked by a cat... could shatter on the ground.
    For my first tube upgrade, I'll stick with a vendor like Tube Depot (and drop a line to Schiit customer support to ensure I don't break my amp).

    That's a fantastic picture, sir. Thanks for sharing, eh. :ksc75smile:
  5. Keno18
    @ScubaMan2017: If I can jump in, the 6sn7gt, tubedepot.com adapter and socket saver is a tight fit. No wobbling. It's pretty secure.
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  6. Robert Padgett

    Everything is working just fine. The Mouse-ears refer to two round mica plates that look like mickey mouse. My fingertips have no sensation, and I pulled ...the tube with my fingers...not a good idea, as the glass envelope exploded upon contact with the floor. (I got that tube for $5.63, so I miss it but I am not heart-broken) Another member suggested wrapping the tube in a latex glove for better grip but had found a pair of grip gloves laying beside the road four years ago, and they are perfect. glove.JPG

    Right now I am listening to a 6H8C Sovtek tube (Russian equivalent to 6SN7) and despite it's price ($12.95 TubeDepot.com) it actually sounds better than when I first got it.
    A sage has advised that Soviet Era tubes need at least 100-hrs. of play time to settle down.

    For the price, this NOT a bad tube in the Vali 2, and the first 100 hours were not painful .

    As the Affordable Audiophile, we operate on the margins of price, trying to find magic in all the wrong places.

    And BTW-- the glove is called a Terminator and sell for $7 a pair.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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  7. LuczOr
    I think I'm about to become the newest Vali 2 owner. I bought a Fulla 2 about 2 months ago and wanted to get some open back headphones. I ended up on Massdrop and chose the HE4XX over the HD6XX, but I might pick up the HD6XX some time later since they seem to be pretty different cans.

    This got me looking into an amp that would suit both of those. Since I could use the Fulla 2 as a DAC I started looking into stand alone amps. I am interested in tubes for the roll-your-own effect, not to mention I could have a HE4XX tube and a HD6XX tube. OTL seems like it's not very well suited to low impedance cans and the HE4XX is 35 Ohm. That got me looking at tube hybrid and this seems like a pretty good call. I've been pretty pleased with Schiit so far so Vali 2 seems like the ticket.

    I'm not worried about the Vali driving the Hifimans, but I was wondering how well it pairs with the Senns at 300 Ohms.

    PS. This whole rabbit hole thing is no joke once you really start listening closely.
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  8. RickB
    The Vali 2 is great with the Senn 300 Ohm cans. It's all I use now.
  9. ScubaMan2017
    My Vali-2 (still using its stock no name tube) powers my Sennheiser HD650 cans with ease. I flick the gain switch to high. Love it. Love it.
  10. Keno18
    The rabbit hole gets much deeper when you start tube rolling.
  11. Grado Diesel
    How does the Tungsole sound compared to the stock tube? And what’s the name of the tube depot adapter you need? I’ve been using a Genelex Gold Lion ECC88 with mine paired with Hifiman HE400i for two years now and just switched to an Electroharmonix 6CG7. It nicely rolls the harshness of the highs off, makes them sound more natural, warms up and makes the bass more punchy.
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  12. Robert Padgett
    unfortunately, I dropped that blessed tube, and it perished. It is a 6SN7 tube which requires a "6SN7 to E88CC" adapter, which are on eBay from Hong Kong. The difference between a 6SN7 on a Vali 2--any 6SN7--is a larger sound-stage, with more depth and character to the Music. My opinion. There are other "Mouse-ears" available and I suspect that one was getting close to 70%, because i only paid $9 with shipping. I would recommend going to a 6SN7 tube. Right now I am listening to a new production JJ-electronics tube. It is very good sounding, but it is no "Mouse-ears"
  13. Keno18
    For all the information you will need and any questions you might ask go to the "Vali 2 tube rolling" thread. There are even photos of all the pieces you need.
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  14. Keno18
    Fired up a vintage 1984 Proton 930 stereo receiver and am in the process of comparing it to the Vali 2. Initial impressions are the Vali has better low-end speed but the Proton has an authority to it the Vali can't match. More to follow.
    Edit: The Vali has better detail retrieval. All round cleaner sound. The Proton may have a bigger sound but the Vali is still my favorite.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  15. timb5881
    It does fine with my HD6xx.
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