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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. StanD
    Remember what I said awhile ago, there needs to be a ground in the chain, a single point is nice to have. If it floats, expect some sort of noise.
  2. katariat
    Hi guys, a quick question. I was debating between modi 2 vs the uber. On the Schiit site, it says that the uber has a more sophisticated analog section vs the Modi 2. I dont really need more inputs from the uber but if it really has a better analog section then i might lean towards it. Can any one confirm that or share there impressions if there is any discern able difference between Modi 2 vs uber using the USB. thanks
  3. ChrisN812
    Well I'm in for a UBER Schiit stack.  Hope it arrives on Thursday.   Ready to unplug from the lousy RealTek 0662 in my desktops.  
    I have a quick questing in regards to using the stack on linux:  I usually either use Amarok for general FLAC & MP3 playback and occasionally FooBar2000 running on Wine.  Will I be able to output 24bit/192khz from either of this audio apps directly to the DAC without any drivers?   My other option is to use a Windows Server 2012 R2 box sitting under my desk if I need a windows OS, but prefer to stick with Linux since that's where my music library lives. 
    Excited for Thursday and hoping FedEx can find me since I've moved last week.
  4. plonter
    My Schiit tower [​IMG]
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  5. Mr Rick
    My pile of Schiit.
  6. plonter
    The Schiit wall!  :wink:
  7. erics75

    if money is tight go on schiit's website under products, there is a clearance section, and there you'll find the original magni and modi selling for $79 each new. hard to beat that price. I have the original magni/modi, and I just got the magni 2 uber, and other than more volume, I honestly am having a hard time telling the difference between the two amps. any differences I am hearing are likely due to volume mismatching.
  8. erics75
    i have the original magni and the magni 2 uber paired with mad dog 3.2 and hd598. is anyone who owns both of these amps finding the m2u warmer sounding? as my ears are acclimating themselves to the m2u I'm starting to think it sounds different. but I cannot for the life of me put my finger on how it's different sounding. I think maybe its slightly warmer, but I'm not 100% sold on that explanation. another thought is the mad dogs love power, and the m2u is putting out more, so maybe I'm hearing the headphones responding to the extra power? again I cant put my finger on it, its so subtle. but as I listen throughout the day, my brain keeps telling me this sounds different from the magni. anyone?
  9. StanD
    At 32 Ohms the difference in power is just 1 dB, not enough to be of any significance. Perhaps it more of placebo or expectation.
  10. zaxdad
    Hi All.
    Got my uber stack yesterday. Like the Magni more than the vali I tried. I do have a question though. If you go to playback devices and check properties,under advanced there is a number of options for sampling rate. Is there a specific one I should be using?
    Thanks for any info.
  11. rovopio
    check everything, 44 48 96. and on the advanced tab, change it to 2 channel, 24 bit, and 96000khz, or 48000khz if you want.
    Normal CDs are at 44.1khz / 16 bit. so you really don't need more than that if you only listen from CDs. I think films are at 48000khz.
  12. oletuv

    The Modi 2U USB circuit is actually powered by the input device it is connected to. The wall-wart powers the the other internal parts. Therefore connecting e.g. an iPhone or an iPad as source does not work unless the source is connected through a powered USB hub. I own a Modi 2U and I bought a Wyrd mostly for this purpose. I tried it without the powered USB just to check, and my iPhone popped up the power warning.
  13. StanD
    My Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 7 (2013) work with the Modi 2 Uber or Bifrost Uber USB2 without a powered Hub. Some devices can handle a DAC's USB port, others cannot. My iPod Touch 5G requires a Lightning CCK and powered USB Hub.
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  14. chuckwheat
    Has anyone tried the Uber Stack with Toslink?
  15. StanD
    Modi 2 Uber, yes it works just fine. All 3 interfaces work properly.
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