Official HIFIMAN HE1000 Impressions Thread

  1. Panoyski
    Happy New year, everyone!

    Just wanted to ask if anybody knows how I can upgrade to a v2? My original HEK’s right cable connection had loosened, no amount of wiggling the connector could bring the sound back. If I push it down the cable connector the sound would come back but as soon as I let it go the sound goes off again. So instead of sending it for repair I thought I'd just cough up the necessary $650 for the upgrade. It's quite depressing to me as I've just ordered a top of the line silver cable from Norne Audio. Knowing that it's on its way and then this happened to my HEK had somewhat dampened my holiday spirit.

    I sure hope somebody could help me out.

    Cheers, everyone.
  2. Hifiearspeakers
  3. Panoyski
    Thank you so much, Hifiearspeakers. I will contact them right away.
  4. Hifiearspeakers
    You’re welcome!
  5. Clsmooth391
  6. Panoyski
    I did contact them about this, clsmooth391. They were very accomodating. I told them that it was only a loose connection, that instead of repairs I'd go for the upgrade. I think that because it was such a minor problem - a dab of solder, perhaps - they've agreed to accept it at its present state.

    I have placed my order and got my RA# (Return Authorization?). I will then ship them my original HEK very soon. Super excited because my flagship silver cables are on the way. Been living without music for two weeks now, but the anticipation of listening to the V2 and the silver cable is keeping me cool and sane, so to speak. So,,, not a gloomy start of the year, as I've recently posted.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. gordec

    My HE1000 v2 is coming in Saturday. Gave Utopia a shot just didn’t like the signature and fit even though I fully appreciated all it’s technical achievements. So far I have been using more transportable setups for DAC/Amp. Centrance M8 and Woo WA8. Thinking about finally settle down with a desktop DAC/AMP. Any recommendations for a good combo for the HEK. I’m ok with a separate DAC and AMP setup or all-in-one solution. The ones I hear a lot in this forum is the MicroZOTL and ALO Studio Six for amp. I’m thinking about spending $2k-$3. Probably getting them from classifieds.


  8. montanari
    Luxman 550ax
    Sugden a21se
    And many other like these 2above
    And plug to the back
  9. kank
    I had the cayin iha6 and the violectric v281. Both paired up very well with the he1000v2. Great all rounder for all genre of music.
  10. gordec
    New owner of the V2. Anyone feels HeK benefits from burn in? My experience with planars is they don't really require burnin.
  11. Roybenz
    Cant say i heard any difference after 200 hours
  12. john777
    Mine sounded great, straight out of the box. Few days later, sounded dreadful. Kept using them and after about a week, they sounded great again and have improved over the last six months. Clearer sound, no smearing, wider soundstage, space between instruments especially on live tracks, female vocals intoxicating!
  13. gordec
    Anyone feels like HeK is like Utopia but with significantly expanded soundstage so things don't so congested. It may be just slightly behind in dynamics, but for my ears it holds similar amount of clarity. My assessment may be limited by gear since my best source/amp is the Woo WA8.
  14. reeltime
    Why would your gear limit your assessment? The WA8 is the best headphone amp I've auditioned under $50,000. Trust your ears. I give the Utopia a very narrow edge in overall sound, but I'm not giving up my HE1000 V2. It comes down to preference at that price point. Nothing wrong with either headphone.
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  15. Hifiearspeakers
    I don’t think you’re wrong. I like the HEK more than the Utopia in every area from sound —> comfort.
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