Official HIFIMAN HE1000 Impressions Thread

  1. TheGadaffiDuck
    whats the result?
  2. heliosphann
    Sorry, haven't got around to it yet. Tis the busy time of year for my work. I'll try to get to it soon.
  3. allhifi

    Love the passion -a great headphone line-up the Hifiman.

    I'd say (as I discovered with my 400i's), a minimum 150-hours before it begins to really reveal itself.

    And, at this level of precision (1K's), amplifier, cable and source become ruthlessly revealed -I suspect.

    Enjoy ...

    P.S. A really telling situation is for those listening evaluations (for any headphone) that does not have the imperative (and oft times desperately required) settling time; observations (SQ) may in fact be accurate -for its stage of break-in.


    My Friend, although it made for a fine photograph -I'd never have my (comparatively pale ) 400i's so close to a potential mishap -spilling liquid !

    (the thought sends cold shivers .... lol)


    Finally (another as I -lol) !

    I too prefer the 400i's to the HD-800 (no 700's were available for comparisons) -so much so I couldn't resist purchasing a pair from a lengthy hiatus of can listening.

    Come to think of it, I best be plugging those babies in for some beyond 175 hours time already clocked.


    For near endless power delivery (in the headphone amp world anyway), consider the (likely superb) Emotiva A-100 (basX) amp/can amp:

    50W/C = 8-ohm
    25 W/C = 16-ohm
    12 W/C = 32-ohm
    6.0 W/C = 64-ohm ... and so forth.

    Price ? $229. US$ (Dec, 2017)

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  4. ruthieandjohn
    Has anyone compared the HiFiMAN EF-6 amp to the Schiit Mjolnir in driving the HE1000 (v.1)? Thanks!
  5. ra990
    Considering this amp, looks incredible for the price, especially for planar magnetics...what DAC are you using with it?
  6. allhifi
    Hello: I have yet to order it. There has been many favorable reviews, particularly for current-hungry applications. (RE: Emotiva A-100 (basX)

  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've gone through and cleaned up some of the recent posts in this thread. Please keep everything within the posting guidelines. Thanks everyone.
  8. moodyrn
    Thank you.
  9. allhifi
    Now that's 'policing'. Nicely done ! And succinctly said.


    Woah, I love the abyss. Got to get me some of that ...
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  10. Hifiearspeakers
    I have a question for anyone who has heard both the V1 and V2 models. Does anyone who has heard both still prefer the V1? If so why?
  11. allhifi
    Absolutely brilliant (and spot-on) reply.

    For example:

    " Sometimes, I think components and accessories (DACs/AMPS/Cables) make such substantial differences and transform the sound of cans to such a degree that it almost makes no sense to take another person's evaluation of headphone at face value". Absolutely true.


    "There differences are there, but they are typically in "small variables" as TheGaddafiDuck has just metioned, and if you were to ask me to put a price on any of those variables or deltas, none, in my opinion should be worth $1000 (hell none would be worth even $500, if we are considering the SQ alone" Also bang-on.

    " .....I have come to find the relationship of prices to the cans to be entirely arbitrary, and I confess that Hifiman has also contributed to the feeling by all the prices they've slashed in the past couple of years...What was the more appropriate pricing for the He-1000? The original $3K or the more recent $2k +? The Edition X ($1799 or $1299)? And the He-560? ($899 or 499)? What are the rationales for the changes? " Great question.

    If I may add something to: " I have been curious about the Susvara, the focal Utopia, the Audeze LCD-4 and others, but I have not been able to audition any of them"

    You'll be disappointed (at these models retail value), the Focal "Utopia" particularly of Herculean (/utopian) profitability.
    (It worked great for Sennheiser (or whoever makes it for 'Fake-al') in that it presented a built-in market test run; "how many will 'fall' for this one " -and are willing to pay dearly)
    For me, it took all but 2-3 minutes with the 'U-poopia' and some $2K Sony model (powered by some serious amp/cables) to realize basically what you spoke to above (i.e. "differences" not accounting for $500. -in your and my opinion).

    In closing: "In the meantime I really don't feel like I am missing a whole lot, by not hearing these new cans, although of course I might be wrong, and that is okay too".
    And you'd be right; you ain't missing diddly (squat).

    " .....and on the strength of that experience, I do not think I am too widely off the mark in the suppositions I have just outlined."

    Once again
    , bulls-eye; a passionate, insightful account. And accurate.

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  12. kernel8888
    ive a/b'd the he1k v1 with v1 pads and v2 pads, and the biggest differences I've found is that it ads just a hair of body to the lower mids, and might very slightly tame the treble. Sound also might be just a tad less airy due to frequency changes. really hard to compare without 2 pairs to a/b, but I used edition x v2 as a reference point, and the opposites occurred with the edition x going from v2 pads to v1 pads- edition x with v1 pads gets a little more air in the sound, slightly less body in the mids, a little more splash up top.

    all changes are quite small. Honestly- comparing them and then switching pads from v1 and v2 so they have edition X v2 with the v1 pads, and hek v1 with v2 pads, brings the sound closer together. so they sound a bit more similar to each other. With the original pads to each, the biggest differences between edition x v2 and hek v1 were the hek has more air and space to the sound, more splash and sparkle up top, and leaner lower mids. The pad swap closes the gap on those differences specifically.
  13. kank
    I had the he1000v1 for well over a year, it was my favourite headphone by far as it is a great all rounder, you can put any genre of musics and it will sound good. Very comfy so i can listen to it for hours without any issues.
    Recently i upgraded to he1000v2 to see what the fuss is about. I have an after market cable already so i didnt use the stock cables that came with v2. I was amaze by the sound difference, vocal is more intimate, more clarity, soundstage is more precise, more air in the treble, mid bass is tighter, faster transient and decay. The headphone is definitely more neutral comparing to the warm sand laid back sound signature of the he1000v1. It is not a bright can though. Tons of detail retrieval. I am very happy with the upgrade in terms of sound. However. I do feel the v2 polyester pads can get hot after about 40 to 50 mins of listening compared to V1 pads.
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  14. Hifiearspeakers
    Thank you for that.
  15. ruthieandjohn
    I’ve had and loved my HE1000 v.1 since their beta listener trials, and I still love it.

    As I understand it, the upgrade to the V2 consists of different pads, some improvement to the headband, and a better that correct? Are there any others changes?

    Does anyone know whether HiFIMAN still offers the $650 upgrade to V2 for original V1 owner?

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