Official HIFIMAN HE1000 Impressions Thread

  1. Hifiearspeakers
    They DEFINITELY are still offering the upgrade, because it is still on their website. The V2’s are also lighter because they removed the gap from the old driver cups (the new cups are thinner) and that’s why the new pads are thicker, so they can compensate for that lost space but without the distortion/reflections.
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  2. kank
    That is correct, they also made it a bit lighter. The sound signature between v1 and v2 is slightly diff. V2 definitely more vivid and tighter bass.
  3. ra990
    The changes are outlined pretty nicely on their website at
  4. Todd R Contributor
    What amp are you using?
  5. kank
    Cayin ha-6 and violetric V281.
  6. Todd R Contributor
    Thanks. I'm using the Violectric V280 and V850 DAC. It's nice gear.
    My only real complaint about the HE1000V2 is I'd like more weight and fullness in the bass. For example, I wish they had bass like Audeze phones.
    I do have a Dana cable on them which made a big difference, but I'm still wondering if going back to a tube amp would solve anything?
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  7. kank
    I dont think tube will solve the issue. The he1000 signature is more a rounded sound from bass to treble. Where as audeze lcd series probably have the strongest bass response compared to the competitors, but they lack the treble sparkles. Very different sound, depends on personal taste.
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  8. allhifi

    The "weight/fullnes" you seek are often 'colorations' (in the bass reproduction of the can), particularly when referencing such an accompolished phone as the V2. Such SQ descriptors as used imply exagerrated LF response (a coloration) in addition to other design elements that can -and often is- used for such subjective impressions; bass 'fullness'.

    Supreme high-resolution hifi is about finesse, articulation, resolving-capability pure and simple. Hifiman phones such as yours are near the top of the game.

    Enjoy !
    (I know I would -and sing heavenly praise to the audiophile gods for presenting such a refined, articulate and accurate "bass".)

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  9. gto88
    I have iCan Pro, and using XBass+ is the way to drive HE1000 with stronger bass.
    One should try it, with it on or off, you get best sound of two worlds.
  10. heliosphann
    With the Audeze's LCD line, doesn't the double-sided magnet array contribute to their "weighty" bass sound? I've heard/owned the majority of the LCD's and they definitely have a certain "feel" to their bass that very few other planars produce.
  11. montanari
    I just push the 30hertz from the dsp of jriver that Actually is very well made designed
    I played a little from the dsp and adding some db even at 50hz colour too much the sound..
  12. Gowry
    I worked out a EQ for me. I've been living with this for a while now and absolutely love it. I'm posting here in case anyone wants to try.

  13. Todd R Contributor
    I'm not a believer in EQ, I feel you should buy headphones that sound correct to you in the first place, but I'll try it just for fun.
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  14. Hifiearspeakers
    My belief exactly! Which is why I ended up with the HEK V2. To my ears, it sounds perfect. I feel no need to EQ or alter the sound in any way. I just push play and sit back and smile.
  15. Gowry
    I can understand your point of view. I really never EQ'd my headphones before recently. This was not really because I didn't believe in it, but rather because I didn't know how to do it effectively.

    I believe EQ is used during mastering, and I believe most professional systems are EQ'd, be it movie theater or live concert. As much as designers strive to create the perfect sound from speakers or headphones, I think none of them are able to fully realize their ideal sound. Speakers have a little more that they can do with crossovers and such, but still they can't control the room the speakers go into. After hearing what Audeze did with the roon presets and the LCD-X and LCD-i4, it made me want to try. I feel like the HEKv2 was better than the HEKv1, but I enjoyed the frequency response of the v1 a bit more. The HEKv2 has a lot more focus, a tighter image. I tweaked the EQ above using my ears, and I felt the image seemed to come a bit more into focus for me. It sounds a bit different if I use my NAIM/BHA-1 combo than when I use the Hugo2.

    I admit, I really enjoy my HEKv2 with no EQ whatsoever, but I also like them with EQ. There are many things we can't change about a headphone, but FR is one that we can.

    However, the big test is just as @Hifiearspeakers said -- if you pick up your headphones and smile after pressing play, you're doing it right.

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