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Noise Isolation earphones

  1. NoNoise
    Hi, I'm new to this website.
    Can someone recommend me some earphones that offer the best noise isolation with audio quality as second priority.
    I have a pair of UE 700s. They work great, but I was wondering if there are other earphones out there that have better noise isolation.
    Or could I possibly buy some Etymotic Research tips and get better noise isolation with those?
  2. pekingduck
    Try the Shure SE110/115's. They are pretty cheap and offer superb isolation (especially with the olive tips)
  3. Marcus_C
    With etymotic the isolation is a combination of factors so switching to etymotic tips won't miraculously give better isolation. I'm surprised the ue700's don't already have very good isolation though, are you using them in a noisy environment? Have you got fit issues? Although I haven't used them so i'm guessing really. The hf5 isolation with a good fit is second to none to the point of being dangerous and a bit beyond.
  4. BrianMB


    How true that is. I can be in the office wearing my hf3s and hear absolutely nothing. My boss can come up to me like she did this morning and start talking, and I have to read her lips. Needless to say, she's learned when I first walk in and am still wearing my phones, she waits til I've taken them out to start talking :wink: This is when I'm using the large tri-flange tips that came with the phones. I have a set of Shure Olives that I want to try out yet as well but haven't gotten to that as yet.

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