1. bmw3wags

    IEM around $125

    So I am looking for a replacement for my Shure SE110. I really like the sound on these but they have seen better days. Genres I listen to are Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Classical, and Classic Rock/Oldies mostly so a wide variety of music. I have looked at getting UE 600vi, Rockit Sounds R-50m, FAD...
  2. untrueparadox

    Best In-Ear for $50-$100 USD?

    Sorry I'm a noob to this forum and just registered so please don't flame at me. I've been reading around to see which inears I should get and I'm pretty much stuck. My budget is $50-$100 for some nice decent headphones. My current is a Sony MDR-EX55 which probably isn't nearly as good as any of...
  3. skinnyq

    Best ~$40 pair of earbuds

    Hey guys, My girlfriend and I are both in desperate need of a new pair of earbuds. As for me, I like all kinds of music but I can say that I mostly prefer dubstep, house, the rhythmic kind of pop and I also like rock music. My girlfriend is more on the calm side but she still appreciates...
  4. MattAKramer

    Best Headphones around $100-150?

    Trying to decide the best headphones around $100-150. I've never owned full size head phones but I have had Senn cx300, shure se110 and now have Shure se215 IEMs. I've read a lot of good things on the forum about the m50's and the srh750's. Not really sure which would be better though. Also a...
  5. Dreamingbig

    Foam tips vs silicone tips?

    Does each kind of tip alter the sound signature at all? Or is it all a matter of comfort and fit? I'm using a pair of SE110s with the included foam inserts, and they fit excellently, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything because I'm not using silicone tips.   Thanks!
  6. ThePandemonium

    About the Sennheiser HD202

    How are the Sennheiser HD 202? I am asking this because ive never had a pair of full size headphones, and I want something to get me started. I would like to know how these are compared to my Klipsch Image X10. I know they wont come very close to what the Klipsch Image can do, but can they at...
  7. lynxy

    IEMs for pop/dance/techno/electro ; between $150 and $250 in europe

    Hi guys,   The SE110 that I have used for the past 3 years recently died. I have been quite satisfied with them so far, but now i would like to get better IEMs.   I can spend up to $250 on them, but they have to be available in Europe.   I listen mostly to pop/dance/techno/electro...
  8. bmeat

    ultimate ears question

  9. nightshadezero

    Shure SRH750DJ Appreciation Thread

    I got my first set of cans today (Yes, I'm aware of the slippery slope that leads to regarding my wallet!) Since I'm relatively new at this whole 'audiophile' stuff, I can't truly appreciate it yet, but they sound great to my ears! Also, I don't know why there's so little info on these...
  10. dkg54

    Replacing Shure sleeves

    Anyone had difficulty changing the foam sleeves on Shure products? I wanted to try different size tips on the SE210s I just got, but the ones already on there seem to be stuck. I used enough force when pulling that the base of the foam started to rip, and it looks like its stuck on melted on...
  11. enianen

    First custom IEMs -- advice and guidance

    Howdy, I'm looking for some advice and guidance while purchasing my first custom fit IEMs. I'm looking for something I can wear for extended periods of time while at work, so comfort and isolation are important -- and I'm looking to take a step up in sound quality as well. I've been looking at...
  12. NoNoise

    Noise Isolation earphones

    Hi, I'm new to this website.   Can someone recommend me some earphones that offer the best noise isolation with audio quality as second priority.   I have a pair of UE 700s. They work great, but I was wondering if there are other earphones out there that have better noise isolation.  ...
  13. david8090

    in-ears are makeing me crazy

      Hi all   First, sorry for my bad English.    I am looking for in-ears for my iPhone. I listening most of the time to Rock music. My budget is about $120...    First I was very interested in the Klipsch Image S4 what is getting a super good rating on CNET but the build quality...
  14. cifani090

    What do your kids think of Audiophilia/What got you into Audiophilia?

    I was just reading a post on on "Saving Audiophila: How To Get a Young, New Generation of Audio Enthusiasts Hooked," ( and i was reading the post and than the...
  15. vizZir

    Earsonics SM3, Sleek Audio SA6-R or Shure SE425 ??

    Everything is in the title. I'm looking for new iem to replace my current UE SF5.    I have considered the following 3 intra:   - Shure SE425 - Earsonics SM3 - Sleek Audio SA6-R   I was quite interested by the Shure and Sleek Audio as they have removable wires. However due to...
  16. a~ 1/4 Pepea~ 1/4

    SHURE SCL2 (E2C) vs SHURE SE110

    I'm looking for a good pair of IEMs but the biggest problem for me is actually finding them available in my country. Of course, I could always buy them online, but I try to avoid that for personal reasons. So my search for a good set of phones has given me two IEMs of the same brand, the SCL2...
  17. Oddworld

    Foam IEMs

    Long time reader, first time poster. I bought the Shure SE110s for the sound isolation using foam tips, and I'm quite pleased with the isolation. However I'm not quite satisfied with the bass. Are the RE0's much better? I have a five pack of foam sleeves for my shures, would those fit on the...
  18. moore1041

    best open headphones under 250?

    hi, im new to head fi and currently have this set up. mb quart 805hs onkyo htr560 and sony a/v receiver's for amp/dac connected via spdif to computer. shure se110 iem's and im looking for a good pair of open headphones to buy. i love my quarts but i need better soundstage, detail and...
  19. svj1187

    Which Shure IEM's ?

    Hi,   I need to figure out which Shure IEM's are these?   Can anyone please check and let me know? A friend of mine got these for himself from US, but he isnt able to remember which model this is.   So anyone frome Hi-fi, kindly help...
  20. Jmstrmbn

    $500 dollars to spend on portable audio...recomendations??

    Just a little background im going to college next semseter and i am using some grad money to buy headphones/amps etc. right now my idea is to buy the sennheiser ie8 or ie7 and either the Total Bithead or fiio e7 when it comes out.  My source is 5.5g ipod video with LOD and a fiio e5, my current...
  21. bmw3wags

    Best Upgrade from Shure SE110----Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5vi Good?

    Hi I have had my Shure SE110 for awhile and they are starting to go bad and I was looking to upgrade and was wondering what you guys think would be the best way to go. I listen to a variety of music, classic rock, electronic, country, hip-hop. I have seen that amazon has the Ultimate Ears Super...
  22. Gluegun

    Help! What is the single most durable iPhone-ready canalphone/microphone combo out there?

    Okay, so my dad loves going out for walks with his iPhone, listening to books on tape, and he prefers to use canalphones.  However, he has gone through... many canalphones over the past few years. UE, Shure, Etymotic, etc. etc.  Generally. one of the sides starts working intermittently as the...
  23. avsmithy

    ACS T3s

    hi there ive been looking around and cannot seem to find any opinions or reviews on the ACS T3s, the T2s have a good reputation as far as i can see but are way out of my budget! for £230 the T3s are equivalent to a £150 pair of IEMs with and custom sleeve, so does anyone know which is...
  24. mralexosborn

    What headphone would have a similar signature to the Shure SE110?

    I just got a new pair of IEM's and slightly miss my SE110's. The UE's sound better but I miss the beautiful treble (not the bass anemicness). The guitar just doesn't have the same impact anymore. I am guessing Grado/Alessandro would be somewhat similar?
  25. mralexosborn

    Is getting a DAC worth it?

    I used to use a Shure SE110. They sounded fine with my phone and slightly better with my PC (onboard Realtek).  Now I have the UE SuperFi 5vi. They sound good with my phone but TERRIBLE on my PC. For example in the song "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon, the bass guitar just sounds like muddy...