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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. Jkane101
    Just ordered Noble Savants, cannot wait to try these out! After looking at them over and over I kind of fell in love with the wizard specials (Lot 17, #6), very Picassoesque.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Jkane101: Nice! I have a pair of Wizard Savant. They look and sound great!
  3. Poshy
    In terms of universal IEMs, would you guys recommend the Savanna or the Savant? 
  4. bvng3540

    Savant for sure, I have a pair let me know if you interested :smile::smile::smile:
  5. Poshy
    Do the tips matter? I had a terrible experience with the shure se535 and the eartips affecting the noise.
  6. Poshy
    Welp, got the savants. Hope they're as good as all these posts praising it to be!
  7. Starcruncher
    In my experience, the tips matter. My ears are sensitive (I am a piano technician) but if you are focused and interested in sound quality, you will probably hear a difference between tips. I prefer Comply tips. There are a lot of options, but for now I have stopped here. They sounds and fit the best of the options I have tried, especially compared to the foam tips that come with Savant. Take your time experimenting. If you like the sound signature of the Savant, then they will never sound bad with any tip.
  8. Aradea
    I like them both for different reasons. Savanna is mid-centric and very enjoyable for long listening, while the Savant has a balanced presentation which is more useful when trying to analyse the music.
    Depends on your taste/needs
  9. FruityPlasmid
    Can anyone recommend a tip similar to the shure yellow foam tips, i have a problem where my left ear is just slightly bigger that the medium or large tip can fit (hehe)
  10. ScottFree

    Shure standard tips are awful. Don't know why they exist personally. For my old SE215 I prefer Medium CP800 SpinFits. They fit better, are a hell of a lot more comfortable and the duct is wider which gives the 215 a wider sound.
  11. Poshy
    Do you know which tips are the best for noble products?
  12. karloil

    Its not foam tips but you should give SpiralDots a try! :)
  13. Poshy
    What's the benefit of those tips? 
    Also, has anybody else had problems with harshness at the high-mids? The higher end of female vocals are quite screechy for me.
  14. mrazik

    I tested on Savants a lot of tips, incl. delivered by Noble, SpinFit, Comply and SpiralDots. Last mentioned gave me best combination of seal, comfort and sound. I believe, that many of us found it same. SpiralDots have advantage in sizes, because they do not offer only S, M, L. JVC have kind of size in between ML and that help to get proper seal to most people. Material they use is very soft and big bore of these tip fit on to Noble IEM just right.
    Regarding to your second question I can recommend to try some after market custom cable. That is according to my opinion way how to fine tuned sound to your liking.
  15. ScottFree

    If anyone is interested in Spiral Dot tips they can be tricky to find outside Japan. I can however personally recommended Dopaminer on the forums who sells them on his eBay page under the handle Corvid5000. He sells Spiral Dots, Spin Fits and Sony Hybrid Tips. Delivery has always been a few days before the quote delivery range.

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