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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. Starcruncher
    If you don't mean the two bores for the drivers, here's a photo:
    It's slightly oblong and this is the longer section.
  2. Flukes
    Oh sorry, I should've specified.
    I meant the individual bores.
  3. Starcruncher
    About 2.4 mm. It was difficult to get a good photo. I'm curious: Why do you want to know this?
  4. Flukes

    I'm doing a DIY savant, and I needed to know the width for acoustic tubing.
    Anyways, thanks a lot for the info.
  5. Starcruncher
    Whoa. Cool! 
  6. ScottFree

    Don't forget to post pictures.
  7. karloil
    i don't know if this question was already asked....regarding the new aluminum housing, do they easily get scratched? in instances like both housings hitting each other, long fingernails, etc.
  8. bangkokkid

    While I won't say it is impossible to scratch, anodize is very hard.
  9. karloil
    Thanks Brannan! Just want to make sure about this., maybe i'll go to some shops to test how much punishment they can get before they start showing scratches. (Yup, I would agree that almost everything will get scratched in this world) [​IMG]
  10. zappazappazappa
    Is it just me being cack handed or do the supplied tips with the blue centres just not fit? For the life of me I cannot get them onto the earpieces. The blue centres actually look smaller than the other tips.
    Onto tip rolling. The best fit of the supplied tips for me are the large silicone (?) ones. If  I were to try the Spinfits should I go for the small ones. Any other tip recommendations?
  11. Starcruncher
    It is possible to get the blues on there. Not easy though. I flipped the tips inside out to make it work. I'm really happy I did not like how they fit in my ears. Don't have to deal with that again.
    I personally like Comply tips. The foam tips that come with the Savant are comfy, but I like the core of the Comply's. This seems to keep the the passage of sound more open than the stock core-less foam tips.
  12. zappazappazappa
    Ok, thanks for that. I'll give the Comply's a go.
  13. ScottFree

    If you're going to use spin fits, measure the width of the tip that you currently find most comfortable and go with the spin fit that is the same width or slightly smaller, not the advertised size as a medium size tip can have variances of a few mm between manufacturers. Remember the Spinfit requires deeper insertion to work their best.

    For example the tip I used for my Noble previously was the Senn medium single flange. The equivalent size Spinfit tip is the small CP100. The medium CP100 id equivalent to the large Senn single flange.
  14. zappazappazappa
    Thanks for that. I have found a site which offers a mixed ( L/M/S/SS) selection of Spinfits  for £11.20 - Audio Sanctuary UK.  I plan to order these and the Comply's. and will leave some feedback when I've had the chance to have aproper listen to them.
  15. karloil
    I would suggest to get Spiral Dots instead as the SpinFits "partially" covers the sound bores of the Savant.
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