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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. zappazappazappa

    Which Specific Spiral Dot tips would you recommend for the Savants? While I respect your input, on a practical level it is still cheaper/easier to get the Comly and Spinfits in the UK so I will try these first. To get the Spiral Dots I will have to order from Japan, which​ I am prepared to do if I know exactly which tip to order.
  2. darinf
    I have the original Savants (pre-aluminum). I have always had trouble finding tips that work. None of the tips that come from Noble seem to work well for me. Not sure why.
    I just received the Spiral Dot tips from Amazon:
    I am amazed at how good they make everything sound! Before, I knew the Savant sounded great, but I always had to keep pressure on the IEMs with my fingers before I could get a good seal and actually hear the bass as is should be. With the Spiral Dots, I get a perfect seal every time. Wow, the Savants are a whole new level. WAY better than my Ety's. I never knew the Savants could sound as balanced as they do now. I was missing the bass and mid bass before.
    Obviously everyone's ears are different so the Spiral Dots may not work for everyone, but they sure did for me. I have not tried the Spin fits or Comply, but the Noble foam tips didn't work nearly as well as the Spiral Dots.
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  3. karloil

    Understood. I have the Aluminum version and i would think that the nozzle for both new and old versions would be the same - but i may be mistaken. I'm using the Mediums for Spiral Dots. Do you have an audio shop nearby that you can demo the tips?

    The SpinFits will fit but will cover the sound bores as the tips will taper down and become smaller. I have not tried Comply as they tend to be expensive in the long run. Your best bet would be the Spirals, get one and you can be done with it :)
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  4. ScottFree

    So do the blue tips and most of the foam tips I've tried. Never really heard any difference.

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  5. karloil

    You mean the ones that came with the Savant? Do you have the new or old housing? The Spinfits really tapers down, i should have taken a photo. To me i don't like the bores being covered (but that's just me)
  6. jgosroc
  7. hornytoad
    I own a pair of Westone W40's that appear like they are ready to crap out. 
    Would the Savant be an upgrade or a lateral move ? 
  8. dulty
    plus one on this... I agree the spinfits are very comfortable and well made, however on larger bore IEMs like Noble's, they adversely affect the sound, especially the treble region.
    I use spiral dots in ML size. Tried maybe a dozen different tips, this is by far my favourite.
  9. groovyd
    +1 spiral dot mediums... best fit and sounds for me and they never fall apart like complies do.
  10. Doneko
    I bought a pair of Savants last year during the Black Friday promotion as an impulse buy. I wanted to replace my aging Triple-Fi-s and try something much newer. What a great buy this was! I listen to music every day now, I often find that rare audio bliss, when I can’t believe the fidelity I’m enjoying my old and new jazz albums. I just plug the headphones in my iPhone, and stream from Apple Music. I find the sound, coming out from this simple setup truly amazing. Now, when I got used to it, I am getting the the itch to try to improve it :) I want to keep this rig portable, this way I’m more motivated to walk or run and not just sit at the computer listening to music. 
    I am eyeballing the Audioquest Black as a simple and affordable upgrade. Do you recommend giving it a try? Is the added inconvenience worth it? The black seems like a better choice than the red for IEM only.
  11. mrazik

    There is only one kind of Spiral Dot tips and you have to only choose the size. They are made in sizes S, M, ML, L. I recommend to choose same size, which fit in to your ears normally. I have ML and L. I use 2 sizes, because every IEM have a bit different length of nozzle. For longer, which goes deeper in to ear I have ML, for those who have shallow fit works L better for me. For Savants I did used ML size.
  12. mrazik

    Some of my friends who use for listening streaming services, they do listen with purchased app Onkyo HF player. I would like to recommend you to try this way first, because you can be surprised how iPhone can sound on its own for just small ammount of money. I have installed Kaisertone, but I do not stream and my library is offline, so I have no personal experiences.
  13. Starcruncher

    As stated above, Onkyo can make a difference, especially with lossless and hi-res files. I have Mojo and while a bit cumbersome and pricey, the Savant and Mojo mix is really fantastic. I actually don't even want to try any other setup with this IEM.
  14. d marc0
    I have auditioned both black and red dragonflies with the Savant. I find that both devices add a bit of flavour to the sound compared to a straight pairing with iPod touch 5th Gen and iPhone 6s. Slightly more warmth, punchier bass, and better treble extension. I now have the RED and it is an excellent pair for the Savant. I chose RED because i need the extra power for my other cans. Otherwise, the black provides better value for money if you don't need the extra power.
    Please take note that the improvement is only subtle. You will only notice it upon critical listening in quiet environments. Casual listening outdoors, the improvement is almost non-existent. So i'm completely agreeing with @mrazik in his suggestion.
    Hope this helps...
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  15. Doneko
    Thanks for the suggestion. The Onkyo HF Player can only play locally stored files. It doesn't work with Apple Music, because those files are DRM protected. It can play my iTunes Match files or Hi-Res files I load to the app. 
    Thanks for your reply, this makes perfect sense for me. I just didn't want to leave a significant SQ upgrade on the table, but I was concerned with the added complexity. I have a Meridian Explorer for more critical listening I feed it with lossless music from my laptop. I will stay with my Savant plugged into my iPhone 6s as an excellent, extra portable rig. It comes everywhere with me :)
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