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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. ScottFree

    +1 for the Linum Bax. Use them on my Savant. Does a very good job of smoothing out the sound sig.
  2. dulty
    I only changed a few times and felt them getting looser (not loose at all, just much easier than it was to remove) so stopped. I'm happy with the OEM cable, which is very good quality, very resilient and being used by many other major brands (UM and 64 Audio according to personal experience).
    There have been quite a few people complaining of this problem, someone very recently posted on another one of the threads he lost one of his K10 Wizards... So my aversion to cable experiments, I love my K10s [​IMG].
  3. mrazik

    Understand your point. My is, that sound improvement worth some try. That is my experience.
    dulty likes this.
  4. karloil
    I'm also looking at Linum (I already own a Linum TRRS)

    Yeah, I had my fair share of cable experimentation, but happy not to get loose sockets. And yes, once I have chosen a cable for my IEMs, it usually stays there for the rest of its life :D 
    Anyone using balanced with the Savant? Looking at a cable that's not too expensive, maybe a Lune MK3 terminated with 2.5mm or a Linum Music or Bax. Getting another Linum TRRS is also a bit expensive. Also looking at either going balanced or not...???
  5. groovyd

    I swapped mine out day one with the Westone cable which in my opinion is much higher quality.
  6. Deftone
    I wish more companies offered a straight jack cable like noble, L shape is the most frustrating over hyped connector i have ever used.
  7. mrazik

    Most of the companies, if not all of them, do offer for they custom cables several choices and straight jack is always one of these choices. Usually you can choice between few different types/brands.
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  8. karloil
    decided to swap cables and the Savant is now paired with Linum TRRS and I like what i'm hearing! [​IMG]
    soundstage width as well as layering improved!
  9. dulty
    Awesome. What's the source?
  10. karloil

  11. dulty
    Don't forget that many sources (if designed as balanced from the outset, especially) sound better from balanced out, regardless of the cable being used. Disclaimer, I'm not an anti-cable guy, I use high quality cables on my stereo setup as well. Just wanted to point this out, comparing balanced vs. unbalanced cables isn't very reliable.
    BTW, any new vs. old Savant impressions? The new univ. series was said to be 'retuned' except for the Savant...
  12. karloil

    Yes, so far i have auditioned a few daps both in unbalanced and balanced using the same Linum TRRS cable, and to my ears, there's a difference/improvement in SQ. In my case, i can compare the 'same' cable and hear the difference - at least that part is 'reliable' in my case
  13. Cloudtastrophe
    Id like to know this as well!
  14. karloil

    I like how the Savant in thier new housing sounds. I know it was mentioned that there's no change in tuning but the new housing sounds like it has better separation.
  15. Flukes
    Anybody know how wide the bores are?
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