Noble Audio Kaiser vs Katana vs BoseQC35 + Focal Elear?? Upgrade from Audeze Sine

Which should I buy??

  • Bose QC35 + Focal Elear

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Nov 5, 2014
Hi there,

for years I've been looking to buy the perfect portable headphone / IEM. Now that I have the opportunity and the budget, there's a 2nd hand Noble Audio Kaiser Encore / Katana for around 1200$ in my country. There's also a 2nd hand Focal Elear for 850$, figure if i get the Elear I will get the Bose QC35 for travelling in airplane.

Right now I am using Audeze Sine with Cipher Cable and the Philips Fidelio X2, driven from a Fiio E17K Alpen 2. I love then sound signature of both headphone. To me they sounds brilliant, in general i like smooth and neutral headphone. I hate too much bass.

I've tried both the Bose QC35 and Focal Elear, loved both of it, not sure about the Katana or the Encore as in my country there's no shop that offers them for audition. I am looking to upgrade my headphone from Audeze Sine mainly for traveling, right now the Sine sounds great but lacking in comfort and isolation.

Should i purchase the Kaiser Encore, Katana or QC35 + Focal Elear?? Mainly i will be using them for traveling. If i get the Elear then I will upgrade it from my Fidelio X2.

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