1. mvvRAZ

    RAZ's TOTL review and rambles thread

    RAZ’s review thread, HP and IEM shootouts, comparisons and impressions Add: this was meant to be a one off Summit-Fi comparison post but I've since decided to use this as a space for IEM and HP tryouts where I'll be posting impressions, comparisons and reviews on all things audio. The "My...
  2. Galaxy358

    Noble Audio Kaiser vs Katana vs BoseQC35 + Focal Elear?? Upgrade from Audeze Sine

    Hi there, for years I've been looking to buy the perfect portable headphone / IEM. Now that I have the opportunity and the budget, there's a 2nd hand Noble Audio Kaiser Encore / Katana for around 1200$ in my country. There's also a 2nd hand Focal Elear for 850$, figure if i get the Elear I will...