fidelio x2
  1. B

    Best mods for Fidelio X2HR?

    Dear all, I am new to Head-Fi and I am very proud to have the chance to write and make questions (and, in fact, give answers). I own a very good for its price Philips Fidelio X2HR and I was wondering which mods I may apply to increase their performance. I mainly listen rock, blues, jazz and some...
  2. Nobank

    Best DAC/AMP for two Fidelio X2HR's connected at the same time via splitter?

    I have two Fidelio X2HR's connected to a computer via a splitter (3.5mm), but even at 100% volume, is too quiet; even with only one X2HR connected. Only having one connected, makes it a bit louder (about 5-8% louder), but still too low. Tried with 3 other desktop pc's too. So I need an amp or...
  3. M

    Intro + My first proper headphones (Beyer Dt 880 vs Fidelio X2HR vs Senn HD 599).

    Hi Everyone I am on the market for an open-back headphone to be used at home, without DAC/Amp on my laptop and phone and I need them to play videogames and watch youtube videos and listen to music. I want to upgrade since my actual Sony Playstation headset makes my ears feel uncomfortable after...
  4. azrael201

    Left channel clipping and then going out on my headphones

    In the past few days of listening to my HE560v2 the left channel would cut out and a few hours later come back. The day after it went out again and I couldn't get it to come back. My listening set up is PC to SMSL Su-8 to Cavalli Tube Hybrid to headphones. The Su-8 are also connected via...
  5. chojo

    Open headphone recommandation

    Hi everyone, I currently using my Fidelio X2 (orginal, not the HR version). They are worn out and I want to change them. - I do not have any amp sadly, so I'm searching headphone good without the need of an amp. - I listen to everything : classical to jazz to rap to rock to metal. - I game...
  6. Module

    Looking for upgrading from Fidelio X2 for $500

    Well, my Fidelio finally is completely broken now after 4 years use, and what it means? Right, hell of choosing new headphone which be great all-rounder for I hope also next 3-4 years. So, my budget I think $500. 4 years ago I picked X2 for what they said 'neutral but still fun' type sound, I...
  7. surreysteve

    Q: Is it possible to get really good quality noise cancelling over ears?

    Hiya Looking for some advice. I have In ears (Sennheiser IE80) and over-ears Phillips Fidelio X2 (Open back). These are combined with my A&K Ak70 MkII. NB I also use the balanced output from the AK70 for the Sennheisers with a Moon audio cable. The good news is I love the sound of both the...
  8. K

    VModa Boompro with FiiO E10K

    So I just recently bought the Fidelio X2 paired with the Vmoda Boompro and realized that my onboard sound card is pretty bad due to volume levels and some hissing while adjusting volume etc. I ordered the FiiO E10K and realized afterwards there will be a ground loop problem. I'm pretty satisfied...
  9. Drty LilBits

    Need help finding replacement pads for Fidelio X2's

    Hello all, I am in the process of purchasing a pair of these but I haven't had any luck finding replacement pads. I prefer to have an extra set on hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. acmilan1992

    Upgrade from my Fidelio X2 - Sennheiser HD660s vs HD700

    I'm trying to decide which open back headphone i want to buy next. I've used my Fidelio X2 for 3 years now with my Fiio K5 & E17 combo, i'm satisfied, but it's time to upgrade. I liked the signature of the X2 with the fun sound and bass, but also liked the soundstage of the HD598 which i had...
  11. Galaxy358

    Noble Audio Kaiser vs Katana vs BoseQC35 + Focal Elear?? Upgrade from Audeze Sine

    Hi there, for years I've been looking to buy the perfect portable headphone / IEM. Now that I have the opportunity and the budget, there's a 2nd hand Noble Audio Kaiser Encore / Katana for around 1200$ in my country. There's also a 2nd hand Focal Elear for 850$, figure if i get the Elear I will...
  12. Mihle

    Whats a good Dac/Amp for Fidelio X2/JBL 305s?

    So I have Fidelio X2 and JBL 305s, and I think I want a Dac/amp (can be either combo or not combo). The price is max 300€ currently. I have heard about dac/amp combos like fro example Micca origen+, Optoma NuForce uDAC 3 and Audioengine D1. What do you guys recommend of them or anything else...
  13. ozyx

    How much better is the Fidelio X2 from the Sony MDR-1A?

    Hello, 2 years ago I was thinking to buy the X2, but I didn't due to the price. I recently bought the Sony MDR-1A and I am quite happy with the results. Now the X2 is on offer (€140) and I am trying to decide if I should get it. Is the X2 significantly better from the MDR-1A?
  14. B

    Are Philips Fidelio X2s and FiiO E10K a good choice for my music preference?

    Hey everyone! New to the audiophile world, and after years of PC gaming with "gaming" headsets I've decided to switch to a quality pair of headphones + stand alone mic. I've done some research but I still have a difficult time understanding what "tone" of headphones would be best for my musical...