Noble Audio - Introducing EDC Velvet

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  1. FullCircle
    Contact our dealer in the UK
  2. joeexp
  3. FullCircle
    Consult with our website, as that information can be found there. As for the dealers inventory, that information I dont have.
  4. Jackpot77
    Believe Audio Sanctuary in New Malden sells Noble, and they seem to be running stock at the Black Friday price at the moment, plus shipping on top. No sign of the Velvets though.

    Gisele @ Aid2Hearing also sells Noble I believe, but not sure if they do universities as they are an audiologist, rather than an audio retailer. Hope that helps!
  5. joeexp

    Thanks for the info. No sign of the velvets anywhere in the UK.

    What do they actually sound like?
  6. drm870
    Are there any review units out in the wild? I may go ahead and pull the trigger on these in the next few hours, but it'd be nice if there were some impressions available.
  7. FullCircle
    No, they are fresh off the line

    Sound wise, warm side surprisingly strong hitting bass for the size of the driver.
  8. squee116
    In terms of IEMs, I'm currently listening to the Shure 535s, Hifiman RE600s v2, and your Noble X's.

    Do they sound more similar to one of those models than another? How do you think these differ from your Noble X, besides in form factor? I'm pretty intrigued, as your X is the newest addition to my line-up, and the sound stage was just eye opening. I wouldn't mind a more intimate experience on the warm side, if I can have a smaller footprint in storage, as I normally pack these away in my backpack and listen to them in the library.
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  9. FullCircle
    I have never heard the Shure 535, RE 600

    in regards to the Noble X, it has been a long time since I have heard them, and I do not have any with me. If I had to guess, I would say the Velvet is more on the warm side than the Noble x, or at the very least the bass slam of the velvet is more robust.

    If you do get one, feel free to report back the differences.

    As for size difference, the EDC is a mite compared to the Noble X

    I'm using the velvet right now to listen to Boyce Avenue, sounds good to me. The cable a bit more noisy as it more stiffer/springy than the cables used on our classic universal line and our CIEMs.

    But in attempt to keep the EDC Velvet more in the realm of EDC we went with a mic cable.
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  10. shenanbay
    i want a detachable cable if i am going to spend $100 on edc product
  11. squee116
    Another question, do these have the same stem size as my Noble X's?
    Regardless, the order is in. :) Here's to hoping for the best.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
  12. FullCircle
    As mentioned before, EDC is a product line, there will be other products offered, with different features and price points.
  13. FullCircle


    EDC about 5.5 mm

    Classic about 6.8 mm

    ear tips are different from the classic line as well.

    To get an idea of the size, that is a photo of the edc surrounded by my wedding ring
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  14. AltCtrl
    I use the RE600s v2(love the crisp bass) as well. Let us know your impressions of the EDC Velvet! I need some new earbuds for the gym.
  15. H T T
    How soon before these ship? I would like mine in my ears so I can get some initial impressions up here.
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