1. Noble Ronin

    Noble Ronin

  2. Noble Audio Viking Ragnar

    Noble Audio Viking Ragnar

    The Viking Ragnar is Noble's latest flagship offering. While others are content with making plastic IEMs, Noble takes things to the next level with all aluminum shells for unparalleled rigidity to reduce unwanted sonic vibrations. The faceplates are a work of art, created from stainless steel...
  3. akash neagi

    Seeking advice on new daily driver IEM Replacement for IE80s

    As the title suggests i think its time to upgrade from my IE80s, I've been using the IE80 from 2014 and ugraded to the IE80S not too long ago I love the sound signature and I think with the bass cranked it is the perfect IEM for me hence when it was time to retire the IE80 I upgraded to the...
  4. Noble Audio Jade IEM

    Noble Audio Jade IEM

    The Jade, named after the Wizard’s first daughter, features 1 x 10mm dynamic driver and four BA drivers. The BAs have been specifically chosen for their reference type sound quality. The custom made dynamic driver is constructed of composite materials with a double magnet structure.
  5. MusicTeck

    Reviewers WANTED for the NOBLE Kublai Khan!

    We're looking for enthusiastic individuals to review the NOBLE Kublai Khan! Those interested will receive a special reviewer discount to purchase the IEM for review. Please note that these units are not free. Email us at for further details and/or any questions. The Kublai...
  6. MusicTeck

    Back in stock this week at MusicTeck!

    🚨 RESTOCK ALERT 🚨 Finally... it's almost Friday. Hang in there and maybe grab a few of our back-in-stock products while you wait for the weekend :wink: Cayin N6ii Replaceable Audio Motherboard R01 >> Shop now << C9 Intelligent Charger and Power Supply (without battery) >> Shop now <<...
  7. H

    Noble Katana Help

    Hello, Looking to find out if Katana’s were available in all black, non custom, and universal fit. Or is this a different model? Any help and/or information would be appreciated! I’ll try a post a picture as well. Thanks.
  8. Noble Audio Tux 5

    Noble Audio Tux 5

  9. Sebastien Chiu

    Introducing the Noble Audio Falcon T.W.S. and the Tux 5....Oh, and Prestige Universals!

    The team at Noble Audio is excited to announce two new IEMs coming to the Noble line-up, these being the Falcon and the Tux 5. First off, the Falcon is Noble's first foray into True Wireless. John wanted to surprise folks with the sound in comparison to the driver count, dual carbon layered...
  10. mvvRAZ

    RAZ's TOTL review and rambles thread, on life support

    RAZ’s review thread, HP and IEM shootouts, comparisons and impressions Add: this was meant to be a one off Summit-Fi comparison post but I've since decided to use this as a space for IEM and HP tryouts where I'll be posting impressions, comparisons and reviews on all things audio. The "My...
  11. Sebastien Chiu

    The Wizard's birthday is soon! To celebrate? Noble is having sale from July 15th to the 17th! 20% off UIEMs and 10% off the Khan and CIEMs!

    @FullCircle's birthday was yesterday! To celebrate, we're having a huge sale! 20% off UIEMs, 10% off the Khan and CIEMs! If you're on the fence about anything Noble, there isn't a better time to pull the trigger. Also, nice meeting you all who came by the booth at CanJam SoCal! Pleasure...
  12. kazuma6666

    small In ear headphones (going into the ear canal)

    Hey all, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. I am used to having the intra in my ear canal. I bought the noble X a few months ago, but they don't fit right. Each time I move, they move too and I cannot hear correctly anymore. I was wondering if there is any way to search for intra...
  13. Soham Sengupta

    Recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs. 30000

    Hello, I need some recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs.30000 as I live in india. I have found 3 iems that falls in this range - Noble audio trident, JH audio Michelle and shure se535. Which of them is better? Also, if you know of some iem that is similar or better than these 3 in the same...
  14. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio Holiday Giveaway! & Fire Relief

    In the holiday spirit we are giving Head-Fi members another opportunity to win a set of Wizard Sage! ----------------- However before we get to that... Flames from the Thomas Fire on December 10th 2017 Over the past week Ventura and Santa Barbara counties have been ravaged by the Thomas...
  15. Carlsan

    Noble Audio balanced cable

    Noble Audio just released a balanced version of their cables. Selling for $50. Thoughts, comparisons, review?
  16. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - Introducing EDC Velvet

    Introducing EDC Velvet, the premiere model in the all-new EDC series, characterized by a warm, pleasant, sound with solid low-end response considering its compact form factor. offered at $96 (reg $120) with Black Friday 20% discount available though Sunday, November 19th Specs Single 5.8 mm...
  17. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - Black Friday 2017

    Join us in celebrating the holiday season by taking 20% off all universal IEMs beginning Friday, November 17th, at 12:00 am PST for 72 hours! Plus, receive a complimentary legacy Savant ($599 value)* with the purchase of any Katana or Kaiser Encore. Wait, isn't Black Friday the day after...
  18. jgosroc

    Journey-man's sojourn in upper middle class iems... Noble Westone shootout.

    I want to start iem reviewing. Not for freebies but for the love of contributing. I want to be the 176,252th person to review iems on Things get scary when you’re the obsessive guy plonking serious cash for iems. I often question my sanity as I scan the sale / trade forum...
  19. shotgunshane

    BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Reviews and Discussion | Sunrise, Starlight & FitEar

    I've decided to change this to a BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Review and Discussion thread.  As such, I'll add links to other reviews here in the first post.  Below those links is my original review.   Reviews: doublea71 - sunrise cable review tomscy2000 - sunrise cable review...