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New V-Moda Crossfade LP Unboxed & Reviewed

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by schneiderstudios, Jun 2, 2010.
  1. SchneiderStudios
    You can check out my review on them right here :)
  2. shigzeo Contributor
  3. Mochan
    So the bass is only clear and not overpowering? That's a bit disappointing to hear. I loved the Beats because they created a "Wall of Bass" that really put me into another world. A world of BASS! It just overpowered me.
    If the Crossfade doesn't overpower you with its bass, then it might not be what I am looking for.
    Schneider, are you able to compare its bass in detail with the Beats Studios? Or better, with the Q40, M50, and Pro 900?
  4. SchneiderStudios
    I have both right now and tested them listening to the track by Eminem called "Love the way you lie" it has great bass in it.
    And from comparing both of them, both the Crossfade and Studios have the same bass strength with the Crossfade not being powered by anything unlike the Studios.
    The Crossfade have a more natural and tighter bass than the Studios. So yes bass lovers will enjoy both of these headphones. I think the Crossfade are much better than the Studios.
  5. Mochan
    OK great to hear it. By "more natural and tighter" what do you mean exactly? 
    *EDIT - whoa, I just witnessed the changing of an avatar. :)
  6. SchneiderStudios
    Haha well as you know the Studios are very unnatural sounding and very artificial so that's how their bass sounds, so the Crossfade have a better sounding bass that's a little clearer and more together? 
  7. Jabse
    Can anyone compare these to the dt770/80?
  8. HiWire
    I saw these in Gunmetal Black at the local Apple Store. They were $249. I'm looking forward to reading more impressions and reviews.
  9. SchneiderStudios
    The Gunmetal color looks the best imo. I have not see any reviews on these yet. 

  10. tds101
    OMG,..............these are so fantastic looking. I'll have to test a set out at the Apple store in NYC - I'll just need my (***ahem***) repaired Shure SRH750DJ's to come back from Shure, and my dbi Pro-705's for the comparison. I've heard these do posses quite good SQ BTW, w/fantastic bass. I can't wait!!! [​IMG]
    As for comparing them to the HFI-780's, I don't think I would - the 780's have a strange "metallic" sound quality to them, it's something I find hard to adjust to. Great bass, but "weird" IMO.
  11. TheWuss
    i was at the apple store, and saw these.  so i had to have a quick listen.
    the build quality is superb.  and they feel pretty comfy on the head.
    hard to say too much about the sound quality.  they do isolate pretty well, and the sound seemed pretty nice overall.
  12. Mochan
    It seems Ultrasones have a propensity to sound metallic. I have heard the HFI 780 and the Pro 900. Both sounded quite metallic, though the Pro 900 even moreso. It just wasn't my type of sound, though I still liked the Pro 900 for its bass impact.
    I'm still curious to hear what these sound like.

  13. Pathogen666
    Are the Crossfade LPs any good for modern heavy metal? like Swedish melodic death metal?
    I tried them at the Apple store with a demo itouch and they sounded amazing, but I couldn't try out any of MY songs...
  14. aorbinati
    I am very particular about build quality and had a chance to sample these for quite a while at the Apple Store. I was impressed with the amount of metal used in the design (something I like in particular), but have two questions: does the metal extend into the whole headband? And, are the pads replaceable? 
    Thank you,
  15. Hwanglihong
    I live in Singapore, and have no chance to try these babies at all ): I am currently using a pair of SRH840s, amped with the Ordnance .22s from a Cowon J3. Would it be an upgrade to use the Crossfade LPs? I am impressed by the Shures Midrange, and I wouldn't like to lose the midrange while raising the bass up by a few bars. Would it be good for me to ship a set over?

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