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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Progisus
    Try mconnect. Tidal integration is great. Hoping Roon arrives soon and makes SP1000 perfect streamer.
  2. madFloyd
    Does anyone use their A&K as a source into a conventional stereo system (i.e. not just headphones)? I've tried my 240ss and it just doesn't sound anywhere as good as a dedicated DAC. I'm curious if the later models are better in that respect.
  3. lolobisaudio
    Hi. Sorry if already asked but what is the max capacity for the sd with sp1000 ? I can’t write on my 400mb. Thanks
  4. cj3209
    Using an SP1k via 3.5mm out (2v) to my tube amp. Tidal MQA files sounds great.
  5. olddude
    The SP1000 easily handles a 400gb card. If it doesn't like your card, it could be a card issue. Take the card out and try transferring directly to it (from your computer) using a card reader. Also, make sure you use the supplied AK cable when transferring to the device. Oh, and restart your computer, sometimes (at least on a Mac) that fixes transfer issues. And lastly, what are you transferring with?
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  6. lolobisaudio
    Thanks, I use Android File transfer
  7. Dionysus
    I just noticed that both the SPK and the default Tidal app now support MQA Master, been out of the loop. is this new? and is there any difference between the two options? in terms of any known difference, features ETC? thx in advance.
  8. madFloyd
    What about standard redbook files?
  9. madFloyd
    Just realized two things:

    1) you're using the 3.5mm - isn't that balanced? What kind of cable with what terminations?

    2) you're doing directly into your amp and not a preamp... when you say 2v, is that a setting inside the DAP?
  10. olddude
    So a Mac? A better solution is to use Commander One, which is about $40 but much more robust and less buggy than is AFT. But AFT should work with the 400gb card. What kind of card, and how much are you trying to transfer at one time? AFT will barf if you try to move large amounts in a single move.
  11. emrelights1973
    Sounds very good trough 3.5 with volume maxed but akconnect sucks, specially tidal part
  12. emrelights1973
    What is mconnect?
  13. mmxxm
    Sound quality and chatacteristics lean more towards SP1000cu in my opinion. Not allot in it to my ears.
  14. lolobisaudio
    I have the demo version but it does not see the sp1000
  15. cj3209
    1) from my SP1k, I output using a male 3.5mm cable (not balanced) to a male rca output and connect to my integrated tube amp

    2) I have an integrated tube amp and there is a setting on the SP1k that allows me to adjust voltage output from 0.7, 1.0, and 2.0 volts (I think it's just a volume adjuster if you ask me).

    Essentially, the line out feature (both unbalanced (3.5mm) and balanced (2.5mm)) sound good out of the SP1k. I use it to output to both my integrated tube amp and headphone amp.

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