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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. olddude
    AFT won't move large files all at once. Trying to move the Music file won't work. I found I had to move groups of folders. Commander One will move the Music folder, but not while in freebie mode, apparently. No idea re Windows, if drag and drop that might be easiest. As to disappearing files off the SPK, if you are inadvertently deleting them by accidentally using the trashcan, they just poof away. I've never had files just disappear on their own. If tagging is off, or they aren't placed correctly in root, they can be hard or impossible to find without going to Folder view.
  2. JasonNYC
    Windows would be best since it has native Android support, the player pops up as a removable drive and you would just need to drag and drop.

    Commander One Pro would be the best option on Mac. The free version does not have Android support included.

    AFT you will need to do a few albums at a time because it gets temperamental when trying to transfer large amounts of data at the same time.
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  3. rbalcom
    I was mistaken about this. The older versions need to be deleted from the OpenService folder on the SP1K, but the older version of the installed app does not. Installing a newer version will replace the currently installed version and keep any downloaded offline music. Sorry for my mistake.
  4. NovaFlyer
    Just received my new SP1000M and in setting it up I found a new feature in the sideloaded Tidal app (v2.11.4).

    The Tidal generated My Mix Playlists now show up under the "My Collection" section and it's easy to now download on the sideloaded app (v2.11.4) all on the A&K DAP, directions are below:

    1. Go to the My Mix section
    2. Click on the desired My Mix playlist
    3. Click on "+ Create playlist"
    4. The "Add to Playlist" dialogue will appear, click on "Create New Playlist" at the bottom
    5. The "Create New Playlist" name dialogue will appear, and default to "My Mix (number)" All the My Mix Playlist tracks will appear as well
    6. Either accept the recommended name or create you own and the click "Create" and the playlist is created with all the My Mix Playlist tracks from that My Mix
    7. To download for offline listening, to "My Collection" and "Playlists". Click on the playlist, and in the playlist, toggle on the download switch.

    This works for both the SR15 and the SP1000M. I'll assume it will also work on the SP1000 since the interface is identical to the SP1000M.

    And I'm running the latest A&K firmware on both the SR15 (1.14) and SP1000M (1.17CM)

    This is a major change from the previous version (2.11.0 and before) since I had to use a workaround using the desktop app to create playlists to stream them from either the built-in A&K Tidal app or the sideloaded version; and to download them on the sideloaded app.
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  5. NovaFlyer

    I had some questions about the above info, so here's some clarifying information and pictures:

    I was trying to differentiate between the built-in Tidal app and the one that you download separately from any A&K Firmware update. The built-in version is updated by A&K and I assume it's updated by A&K during any firmware updates. The other version (aka sideloaded) you have to download separately from a trusted source and install it in the Service folder. You will need to install it, just click on square with the arrow to install. More detailed instructions for the Open App Service is on A&K's website at https://us.astellnkern.com/blogs/news/open-app-service-instructions

    Have you downloaded an updated version of Tidal separately from any firmware updates?

    I get my sideloaded version from www.apkpure.com where the latest version is 2.11.4 - just enter Tidal in search.

    To illustrate what I'm writing, in the picture below, you'll see the two application versions - the top app is the A&K installed version and the below that with the version number is the sideloaded one. Just download the updated apk from the link above and move it to the Services folder when your DAP is connected to your computer.


    For My Mix, below are some pictures to help put things in context. With the new 2.11.4 version, My Mix is at the top.

    My Collection.jpg

    Clicking on My Mix goes to this screen:

    My Mix.jpg

    From here you can create playlists to save offline using steps 1-7 above.

    Hope this adds clarity.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  6. forbiddenbeat
    Hey all, tried catching up on all the charging advice in this thread, but still confused. I mostly use my SP1000Cu at my desk, sometimes in USB DAC mode (form MacBook), sometimes not. I occasionally take it to coffee shops.

    What should I be doing as far as the battery and charging goes? Plugging it in sometimes and other times not (so as not to leave it charged all the time)? Always unplug when not using USB DAC and charge it with a quick charger?
  7. szore
    Well, with my 1000M, I just charge it when the battery is low. If the battery is fully charged and it is pluged in, you won't "burn out the battery" like some people fear. The electronics knows when the battery is fully charged, then takes it out of the circuit. I use my 12W usb charger at work, and my usb outlet strip at home, charges fast enough.
  8. szore
    Yes! Thanks so much. I thought the Tidal service updated automatically, didn't realize you had to do it manually.
  9. madFloyd
    What earphones are you guys finding compliment your 1000 or 1000m? Mine are getting old (Shure SE530).
  10. forbiddenbeat
    My Empire Ear Phantoms are phenomenal. I think I found my endgame set up for now: SP1000Cu, Effect Audio Janus D, and EE Phantoms. I can't really imagine it getting better, except for maybe dedicated listening sessions with much larger, much more expensive gear (and I think that would still have diminishing returns).

    For reference, I think this set up is much more enjoyable than my Woo Audio WA8 + Focal Utopias.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  11. forbiddenbeat
    OK, so basically I could leave it plugged in all the time?
  12. aaf evo
    So is the general consensus of the M Gold to the Lapis Blue M is that it is similar to what the Cu is to SS?

    I’ll be re buying an sp1000 dap but I’m leaning towards going to an M variant now, can’t decide which one.
  13. szore
    Yes, you can.
  14. szore
    Well, I am using Xelentos (which I love) and the Andromeda SS (which is discontinued), and I adore them! I listened to the Empire Ear Legend X, and they were phenomenal (and $2,200). All the Audio64 stuff left me cold; too bright and lifeless!
  15. NovaFlyer
    I'm using Campfire Audio Solaris and they sound awesome. I have Empire Ears Phantom on order. Between those two IEMs, I'm set.
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