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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Samuel777
    Hi guys and ladies,
    I'm about to look at the iems U18t but I was seriously wondering how will be the fit !
    if the fit is like JH universal iems, I mean if there are so big as Jh audio iems, I will not support them.
    Could someone help me on that ?
    also, how is the sound paired with SP1000ss ? currently I have JH13 V2 Pro (Customs) version, connected to Moon Silver Dragon Cable 2.5mm balanced cable.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  2. rbalcom
    Download the latest version and copy it too the OpenService folder on your SP1K. Delete the old version file. Open Services and tap on Spotify to install the updated version.
  3. N15M0
    Thanks. Do I need to uninstall the previous version?
  4. rbalcom
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  5. afreekindazone
    Maybe the A18 will solve all your concerns about fitting issues? Why are you interested in the universal version?
  6. dhc0329
    U18 sounds great but a little too technical lacking the naturalness and deep sub bass. If you want LX type of
    organic emotion with transparency and high resolution, I would recommend Oriolus Mellianus 10x driver.
    OM's everything about LX except toned down bass to a normal level. It's also the most comfortable IEM
    I have ever had...so tiny and light almost feeling like I am not wearing any.
    I had A18 before but couldn't deal with the discomfort even after 4 refits, so I moved to U18. I enjoyed
    it for a while until I found OM. But then everything's subject. If you find what you like, you need to stop
    right there or you will end up spending thousands for only minute differences.
    quantumrush likes this.
  7. youme
    I think that summarizes it quite nicely.

    You should (or even have to - given the price tag :) -) test U18t, preferably balanced. Also check both APEX modules, sound signature varies. And if it suits your preferences and does not fit properly, go for custom version.

    I do love this combi. A18t, SPK-SS. However, I am currently testing cables to get the best out of it, for my own preferences with a reasonable price tag :)
  8. dhc0329
    I had A18 and then U18 with SP1Kss for quite long time before I moved onto N8. If I can recall, A18/U18 and SP1Kss had pretty good synergy.
    As for me U18 matches quite well with Leonidas II. EA produces most comfortable cables.
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  9. Legendz1818
    Hi how do you find the n8 is the bass smooth and impactful for you compared to the a18

    Many thanks
  10. dhc0329
    I am sorry but I couldn't quite get your question. N8 is a DAP while A18's IEM. :)
    Are you asking if bass on N8's smoother and more impactful compared to SP1Kss playing on A18?
    Yes, N8's bass impact is much more organic and bigger in scale playing through its korg tube.
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  11. youme
    64audio offers a CIEM named N8 :D
  12. dhc0329
    Oh you meant the Nate. I am sorry I misunderstood you. My bad. I didn't try that one so I wouldn't be able to comment.
    quantumrush likes this.
  13. Legendz1818
    Yes sorry the nate got my wires crossed before
  14. TYATYA
    Get apk file on internet site and copy to dap's local storage : /openservice
    Then install by access the apk from the dap
  15. emrelights1973
    And body using sp1000 as streamer connected to stereo??

    My problem is the ak connect with Tidal, the interface is so bad, also can not understand MQA or Specific menu for offline play...

    İs there and way to use the tidal app and stream trough sp1000?

    Will Roon solve this problems? Ak os is very good but the connect fells like left alone

    İ am Comparing SPK to my CD player which the interconnet is more expensive than the SPK, hard to hear ant difference

    All this with a cheap cable trough 3.5
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