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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Daibaron
    It depends how Android OS is optimized for a CPU.
    I remember Pioneer made a poor optimization of Android OS with the XDP-300, with all unnecessary services included in the stock AOSP but that you never need with a DAP.
    On my SP1000 i disabled AK connect and Wifi so the battery drain is slow and it powers off after 30 min.
    IMHO AK did a great job.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  2. ExpiredLabel
    Something to consider with any android os. Your gonna have processes that run in the background no matter the company unless they specifically go out of their way to limit the android junk and make it and streamlined as possible. Its wise to familiarize yourself with these from the very beginning no matter the device and to see what is useful and what simply needs to run for specific applications or times of utility. Personally speaking as a ex cellphone slinger, I wouldn't trust android os unless they worked with Google specifically to bring a version that has our applications for music in mind. Which from my limited understanding is rare or nonexistent. Which is why you get things like with ibasso where essentially they have to include a version of the original os aka "mango" is catered to audio but not necessarily built from the ground up for audio in mind. Again I could be mistaken.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  3. olddude
    I just replaced an Ares ll 3.5 single-ended cable with an Ares ll Balanced 2.5 cable (on my Zeus) and the Zeus sounds VERY different. Much more timbre, bass, thickness of notes. I expected a difference but more of a marginal kind. Anyone else try two different terminations of the same cable on an SP1000? I just swapped out my Final Audio tips for SpinFits and it took out some of the thickness, but it still sounds different. Color me surprised.
  4. kubig123
    I wish I could do the same with my wife...
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  5. olddude
    You want more timbre, bass, thickness of notes?
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  6. kubig123
    More body...
  7. olddude
    Well, I'm tip rolling, and changed out the Final Audio blacks for SpinFits for Final Audio clears and that got me to a reasonable place of low and mid timbre with more transparency in the mids/uppers and great upper treble. Thankful I have the universals, it gives me more room to fine-tune the sound signature.

    As for "more body," speaking personally, I'm happy with heart and soul; if my wife has that, the rest is superfluous. Being an actual old dude, I've learned all of those other lessons, some the easy way and some the hard way. Now I'm on the happy way.
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  8. junix
    Does your new balanced 2.5 cable have a Psquare connector?
  9. olddude
    Nope. At least that I can tell as it was a trade. Looks like a typical 2.5.
  10. junix
    The difference between “normal” 2.5 and Psquare 2.5 on EA cables is really something.. and I suggest anyone ordering new @EffectAudio cables to check the Psquare.

    As for the difference between single and balanced on the SP1000, I also much prefer the balanced output as I feel there is more body, the notes are thicker and the bass i tighter.
    Enjoy your new EA cable!
  11. herijgonzalez
    Does this allow the Wifi to connect to open network that asks for the password after? Work Wifi is setup as such.
  12. bmichels
    Well... as promissed here is my report about my "upgrade" from my previous Labkable IC to the Brimar Omni King 16x.

    The sound change is subtil (the Labkable Pandora is already a very good cable), but noticeable.

    It cannot really be described by terms such as "better bass" or "better soundstage" but rather by "more emotion in the music" and more "be there". I know this is not very scientific terms, but this is how I will describe the improvement. The result is more "musical and enjoyable, with a fuller sound and (may be) more details"

    So the improvement is noticeable, but... I can't honestly say that it is worth the price difference because of the very high price of the Brimar 16x.

    labKLable-Brimar Omniking 16x.jpg

    Survival Kit 2.jpg [​IMG]
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  13. MRT-Man
    Phew, I should be receiving my Pandora cable shortly, so I'm glad that you still think it's a good cable after trying the Brimar!
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  14. cleg
    In my video review about SP1000 I've mentioned custom case and I've got few questions about it. Recently I've got this case, and made a video to show it

    As far as I know, Valentinum is improving SP1000 cases design, as with this one it's a bit complicated to access the top drawer, but for me it's OK, I don't toggle that settings frequently.

    I'am familiar with this cases maker, but I've paid for this case, so I suppose it's not breaking Head-Fi rules.
    I've selected green real crocodile leather, but there are tons and tons of options.
  15. kubig123
    Interesting case, it looks very sturdy and should protect the player very well, Nic the idea of the storage for 2 sd cards.

    I like your choice of materials and color, very unusual but interesting.
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