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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. kleinphua
    Yes, I am also facing the same issue . I thought it was the problem with my set and I did a wipe, same issue .

    I had confirmed with some of my other friends and they are also having the same issue .so I am waiting for maybe the next firmware update to address this .
  2. MRT-Man
    I'm now at 80+ hours of burn in, and the sound continues to improve, especially the mids. I have my AK120II to compare it to as a control, so I know that the burn in improvements I'm hearing are real, and not imagined.

    At this stage I feel like the AK120II still has a hint more thickness in the lower mids, but only a hint--while prior to burn-in, the SP1000 was noticeably quite a bit thinner. The SP1000 sound signature seems very similar overall to the AK120II but with more of everything... more air, more soundstage, more separation, more impactful bass, more clarity especially in the trebles. But to my ears, the basic sound signature is quite similar, you can certainly tell they're from the same manufacturer.

    AK should burn these in at the factory, or have a disclaimer on the sticker that goes on the screen saying "this device requires x hours of burn-in for optimal sound". I wonder how many people have heard an out-of-the-box SP1000 and found the sound to be lacking, simply because it wasn't burned in.
  3. olddude
    Go over to the WM1Z Sony thread and see how many hours THEY recommend. As for burn-in at the factory, if they did that you'd be buying a used device. BTW, after 50+ hours mine settled down and has been relatively the same since.

    Not all companies believe in burn-m. UE told me my CIEM was fine out of the box ( I still burned it in).

    As for AK sound, I find, having had three of them, that it does seem to favor a rather neutral sound sig. that's why I keep buying them.
  4. kubig123
    For the WM1Z you should burn n for at least 200 hours, but there are some small changes up to 500 hours.
  5. jscmd2000
    Wow, good to know.
    It never seizes to amaze me how some people don't believe in burn-in. Or cables. Or ferrites. Or brain burn in.
    When they say they don't hear it, do they really mean they hear no difference? or yes they do, but not enough to consider significant? Haha, we will never know.
  6. olddude
    Brain burn in is the most important.
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  7. lithiumnk
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  8. kubig123
    a big step forward compared to the AFT!
  9. MRT-Man
    I find the problem with brain burn-in is that, initially, when you upgrade your setup, for the first few days you're thinking "OMFG THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!!". But then after a few days or weeks, you get used to it and it just sounds "normal". It just that everything else then sounds unbelievably terrible in comparison!
  10. Super Angulon
    Anybody knows how can I find a serial no. of SP1000? I can't see any on the body.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  11. MRT-Man
    It's in super tiny print on the bottom side (the side with the connector), on the top right
  12. kubig123
    or outside the box
  13. bflat
    I find it a lot easier to use my phone to take a picture and zoom in to read the serial#.
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  14. Super Angulon
    I cannot see any at the position you said.
  15. Deftone
    After years of experience I learned that burn in is all processed in the mind.

    One example, New X player sounded ok not amazing, started to sound better much better over time. Got a same second X player, now this one should sound off compared to the used one because it’s had no hardware run in time at all but nope they both sound the same.
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