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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Super Angulon
  2. Super Angulon
    I bought it from e-earphone Akiba, Japan last month. Just found that there is no serial engraved on mine. How could it be?
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  3. jscmd2000
    That is a compelling evidence, I must say! It is an expensive experiment to get another player like SP1000 though.
    What about headphones, especially planars and electrostats that initially crackle and sound muffled?
    This is not good if something doesn't sound very good initially, I have to teach my brain to like it... But, the brain learns and decides it is better in the end, long term? The brain does have tremendous capacity and capability that we are not aware of. This is very interesting and fascinating!
  4. emrelights1973
    Is anyone using SP1000 as a transport to a DAC ( chord hugo 2 for example ) and/or as transport/DAC connected to a serious pre amp with a serious power amp with serious speakers?

    I am thinking to selling my Streamer/Pre Naim NAC 272 and get a Naim NAC 552 which is pre only, i was wondering if i can get by for a year using SP1000 as a digital source till i put some money aside and get a new digital player....

    I have also a vinyl and CD as a source but digital is good for Tidal and convenience..
  5. JasonNYC
    The serial number is located on the microSD card tray on the SP1000.
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  6. Daibaron
    Mine is a silver and it has a serial # engraved .. yours is a CU maybe you should compare yours with another CU.
    Akiba a serious seller.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  7. kubig123
    It's difficult to see but it's there

  8. Daibaron
    Is there a REAL difference between SP1000 SS & CU ? both appear to be the same product of A&K website.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  9. Super Angulon
    A few days ago I noticed my CU drained battery too much in standby mode (that is no wifi no BT no playing no power off - only screen off) so I decided to test the battery drain and have the result as follows;

    all with firmware 1.06

    #1 SP1000cu - no micro SD installed

    TIME % Battery
    0919 100%
    1020 100%
    1220 100%
    1320 100%
    1420 100%
    1509 100%
    1625 100%

    #2 SP1000cu - with Sandisk micro SD installed

    TIME % Battery
    0909 100%
    1012 100%
    1200 96%
    1307 90%
    1440 80%
    1515 75%

    #3 SP1000cu - with another Sandisk micro SD installed

    TIME % Battery
    17.30 100%
    20.20 96%
    21.09 91%
    21.45 90%
    02.40 71%
    04.30 63%

    The conclusion is battery drain in stand by mode only occurs with micro SD installed. I also tested with another mSD card with same result. I think it would be a firmware issue. Anyone cares to make a test of yours?
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  10. kubig123
    that's very interesting.
    I have mine the turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, for sure the WM1Z doesn't have this problem, it can hold teh charge for over a week in standby mode. I wonder if is something related to the Android os.
  11. kubig123
    luckily for you there are other brand that sell cheaper player.
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  12. tienbasse
    Probably not Android related, since most smartphones don't have this kind of issue with a microsd card.
    And my Opus #1 barely drains over 2 weeks with 2 cards inserted.
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  13. bflat
    Comparing any battery life of a Sony or Apple device is brutal. I wish AK had the same technology. I think a lot has to do with where they source the batteries. I had a Sony phone that was fully charged and powered off for about 3 months. When I turned it on, battery was still at 95%. SP1000 will drain completely within a week or 2 in the same scenario.
  14. kubig123
    Good to know, hopefully soon will be fixed!
  15. tienbasse
    Same conclusion, it seems that Sony and Huawei have very reliable sources for batteries, they drain extremely slowly.
    I had a number of DAPs and smartphones from those 2 brands and never was disappointed.

    A&K on the other hand doesn't exactly have a very impressive record with batteries: they drain fast and age fast. And they don't make it easy to replace them...
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