New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
  1. haiku
    12000,- HKD
  2. Piotr Michalak
    It seems that people don't have tarnishing problems yet, neither do I :)
    I really do regret buying Cu versus SS though.
    If I have some time, I will try selling my little-bumped Cu and buy SS instead.

    AND I have received my WM1Z today :) Still waiting for AK240 blue note.
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  3. Piotr Michalak
    How do you use it with such cable? I wrote earlier, that I prefer 60cm IC and I put Ultima in one pocket, KSE1500 in another, wearing mostly jumper blouses with pockets on my tummy. How do you use Ultima and KSE with a short cable? No pocket will handle that?
  4. kubig123
    I bought the dignis case for 2 reasons
    1. It’s made of alcantara and that will help to postpone the oxidation compare to the leather case
    2. It protect both side better that the Astell case, which has the side with the wheel more exposed.

    It’s definitely a bold design, but I would say the same for the SP1000cu.
  5. kubig123
    Well, Omni King Cable, the name says it all.
  6. robbi22
    Could you please describe your impressions about SP1000 VS WM1Z? What is the difference in SQ those two daps?
  7. kubig123
    When I use the kse1500 I have at least 3 cables to choose, they go from 30cm to 5.
    It all depends of the situation, when I’m walking I personally use a short cable and store both devices in my coat pocket, when I’m in the office I use the long one paired to the Hugo2 this allow me to keep the Kse closer to me and the Hugo next to the laptop.
  8. Piotr Michalak
    I should give WM1Z some time since it is said it should burn-in for 200h, and many people report that really 500h is needed :-0 And my 4,4mm trrs to 2,5mm is broken, so I currently use only mini-jack and just started using WM1Z today. For now, what I hear is a very nice pairing with KSE1500, delicate highs and I would leave it at that for now :) I will report more in the near future :)
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  9. haiku
    It´s 20cm long.
  10. wldcohso
    I can’t help but wonder why get so many DAPs to just pair them up when they’re already great as an all in one solution. I have a need for one desktop solution, Utopia/HD800s/Sennheiser HD820 and one mobile solution Ultima SP1000/Tia Fourta and I’m done. I’ll spend the rest of my money on another rental property and call it the day. This stuff adds up quick lol
  11. Piotr Michalak
    I don't invest in rental properties... yet. Have another investment focus, but that's not for this forum :wink: Yep, I may be a little crazy with all these stuff. Still, I do appreciate different sounding HP and DAPs if I may compare them with other ones from time to time. There are also different days: once I prefer an open HP, another day I prefer a closed one; etc. So for me, one DAP or one HP would never be enough, as I would get bored too easily. I like change. Very much.
  12. Schmeisser
    In fact it al boils down to the sq of a recording, not the number of devices.. Each album is recorded very differentll. Buying Million devices won't help make them all sound great.
  13. haiku
    In fact, it does help. Dap, amp, tube, iem and cable rolling lets me enjoy my recordings in so many different ways I´ve never imagined would be possible. Sure, it all costs an arm and a leg, but for me it works (and sounds!) so much better than fiddling around with EQ adjustments. Just my 2c......
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  14. Giraku
    +1 (big one)
  15. Malevolent
    Unfortunately, yes. This is why I love buying (portable) amps as much as a I love hoarding DAPs. Amps really add a lot of character, color, excitement and fun to a DAP's sound.

    Again, where did all my money go? :frowning2:
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