*NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Jerry Harvey Audio - Performance Series Universal Fit IEMs

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  1. medi1988
    The Sennheiser Momentum Eartips fit well on Performance Roxanne too. The little bridge in the middle is preventing them from slipping too far down. So far I like the bass and vocals with them+they are more comfortable than the stock tips (tested with Silver Dragon Cable)
  2. Sound Eq
    i am really curious to read a detailed impression on roxanne 2 and wonder why there is non
  3. medi1988
    So far I can say that the performance Roxanne is very comfortable to wear for longer times, I found the FMJ one equally sounding but working out of the ear since it was heavier and didn't had that deep insert. I´m not experienced in describing sound but what I like is a huge soundstage and realistic voices standing clear out and deep bass.
    I remember my IE800 bass, one described it here as noticeable in the neck rather than just in your head (I guess these are the really deep frequencies). But voices sounded slightly thin for my taste (but great though) + the well known lack of noise isolation+cable noise.

    Roxanne Performance+Silver Dragon out of AK300 nearly had it all, a tend warm voices projected in front of your head, great soundstage and deep bass, and lots of details. The only thing I was missing was the deep IE800 Bass.
    I tried out the Layla´s UIEM Vers.1 cause I got a good deal on them and I have to say in my taste they are perfect, the little more emphasis on the highs give the voices a more airy feeling and makes the soundstage even bigger than Roxy Perf.. But the biggest surprise for me was the bass, cause it sounds like it is deeper in the Layla (surprise because I assume its the same 4 drivers in the both). I have this "in my neck" feeling which I had on the IE800 and it feels great. Cause its so big in the ears its probably not for on the go use, but thats where the Roxanne is perfect. Hope that helps

    Sennheiser Momentum in ear tips work great on them both, in my taste they sound more airy with tighter bass on them both.
  4. Sound Eq
    so does layla have a deeper bass than roxanne performance, how about quantity? i agree with the mids on ie800 to be a bit thin
  5. Watagump
    Since this seems to be the most active JH thread. Does anyone else watch Silicon Valley on HBO? It was pretty cool seeing the JH Audio booth at Hoolicon, which is the shows version of some kind of tech convention.
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  6. Samuel777
    need advice from here before I make a decision :
    I'm about to order this iem :
    NEW 16v2 Pro Performance Series IEM with universal fit by JH Audio.
    initially I was hesitating between this and the 13V2.
    do you really recommend them ?
    if there a confortable, if there are not too big in ear.
    I don't have anywhere to test.
    so thanks for your feedback
    i want to use with my SP1000SS
  7. grownmansport
    First of all wow congrats on getting the SP1000. I envy you.

    I own the 16v2 and can say that the fit is good for me and I'm generally happy with the sound. Haven't heard the 13v2 or Roxannes, but from what I've read the 13v2 are the most neutral, with the 16v2 having added bass resulting in a more meaty and fun sound. My only gripe with the 16v2 is that it could use a tad more treble. The Roxannes supposedly are like the 16v2 with added treble, so I kind of wish now that I had gotten the Roxannes.
  8. BartSimpson1976
    Of course a matter of taste. I had the JH13v2 and I loved the sound. Very good for all genres. I don't think more base is needed. Anyhow it is adjustable.
    Fit can be an issue. I have relatively small ears and somehow after latest one hour they became uncomfy for me. So I sold them recently and went to the Etymotics ER4XR.
    I am not missing anything.

    But with average ears there should be no fit and/or comfort issue. The JH13v2 is a very highly recommended IEM. Strange that there are few to none reviews.
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  9. NPWS
    jh13v2 for me :D
    to much bass from jh16v2, even set the bass adjustment to 0
  10. Samuel777
    how do you compare the length of the part insert inside the ear of shure SE846 and the one of JH13V2 ?
    my only issue is to see if the JH13V2 will be easily inserted inside my ears.
    no way here for me to test before I order.
  11. Samuel777
    Need helps, very confused and sad ....
    When I insert the IEMS JH 13V2 professional - universal into my ears, here is how it looks like :
    Ear Left and Ear Right :

    Now I have pain, even if the sound is great., wearing these IEMs is giving me headache. I listen 20min, and I have pain all night long.

    I can understand now why I could not find pictures on this iem inserted in ears, they show only for the customs.
    Finally selling them : http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/172830541377?
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  12. seenoevil
    Just grab my heands on Rox Perf , and it is absolutley winner! better in all ways then rox first gen - perfect seal, cable , look ... and SOUND. the best iem i tried (kaiser andro dorado galaxy v2 mason rox first gen, solar). non fatiquing crystal highs, powerfull bass (on min bass pod). Just essential choice for metallhead, but perfect with every genre
    Bravo , Jerry Harvey.
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  13. I g o r
    I sold mine too. The fit is absolutely horrendous. As bad as the triple.fi

    I’ll never buy anything universal from JH again.
  14. buonassi
    @Mimouille did you get it? I want to grab one, but have a few questions I'd like to ask you prior to pulling the trigger.
  15. buonassi
    so that sounds like a dealbreaker for me. I really wanted these, but if three headfiers have had issues with the pro series fitting, that may eliminate it for me. Still such an alluring earphone tho. darn
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