*NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Jerry Harvey Audio - Performance Series Universal Fit IEMs

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  1. I g o r
    If you live in the US and have a chance to test it, or even better, to return and get a full refund, give it a try. It’s not for everyone.

    It’s sticks out of the ear and doesn’t stay in place, I tried every size and tip model you can imagine. I had to adjust it every couple of minutes and I was lying still in bed. Walking? No way. Commuting? No way.

    I had mine for 5 months then I let them go.

    I just don’t believe when JH said they studied thousands of ear impressions to design these universal fits.

    64 Audio universals fit like a glove. Fischer Amps (from Germany), fit perfectly. And those companies don’t brag they have studied thousands of ear impressions to make their designs.

    My 0.02 anyway.
  2. Samuel777
    I don't recommend you these IEM. they fit very bad. if the seize of your ears are not like elephant's, please don't order them. Custom version could be an alternative.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  3. buonassi
    i skipped over the pro series (edit - I mean performance series, not pro) and went for the 1st gen Angie instead. Though big, the fit and insertion depth seem to be better from what I've read. The graphics on angie are killer btw and that was a little alluring. Besides, it's an amazon prime purchase and I can return them without huge penalties this way. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm glad I heeded warnings about the pro (edit - performance) series. 64 is definitely on my list if these angies dont work out. U6 specifically, maybe the u10 if I can get a b-stock.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
  4. seenoevil
    what comply series fit to jh perfomance? with stock rubber tips there is discomfort in my ears, but foam is much much better - isolation and comfort
  5. buonassi
    website says size 500 for the performance series JH's. but not sure they'll fit right. I have the JH Angie and the Comply website claims 500 as well. I bought the 200 size which is even smaller inner diameter for some other iems I have. When I put the 200 on the Angie, the are pretty loos on the nozzle, slip right off. So the 500s would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

    of course it's possible I received a QC issue from comply, where the packaging said 200, but I really got 600s or something. Who knows. I'm not bustin out my calipers to measure them. I did find some cheap tips that are of very good quality on ebay, took a chance, spent 8 bucks on 6 pair. They fit the Angie a little snug, but I'd rather that than slip off - the foam seems to hold up longer. It's smoother and less porous so it gives a teeny bit better highs while still damping reflections that cause nasty treble spikes in your canals.

    search for: NEW 4.0mm Replacement Memory Foam Earphone Earbud Tips

    I got the 4mm T200 size medium and like I said, they're a little snug - next time I may try the 4.5mm T400 for Angie
  6. buonassi
    oh, and try coating the foam tips VERY lightly (or your canals directly) with carmex just once a day. it helps the seal for solid bass and seems to help them glide in without wearing down the foam (less friction). We audiophiles like to suffer for our hobby, I know.
  7. Edric Li
    I was a owner of the 1st gen Roxanne. I love the fit of it. I see some of the people in the pictures posted here are wearing the iem wrong. I'd say the 1st gen roxanne was the second best fit uiem I have ever tried. The best is the Beyer Xelento.

    Try using slightly smaller silicone tips than you usually would, and put them on like you are wearing a ciem - lift your ear up with one hand, twist the iem in with the other hand. The bottem of the shell should sit right on your outer ear canal, and the connector should NOT be pointing upwards too much, otherwise you should try a smaller tip and twist in deeper.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2017
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