*NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Jerry Harvey Audio - Performance Series Universal Fit IEMs

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  1. BartSimpson1976
    Sony hybrids arrived. They fit well on the JHs. Now let's see (respectively hear) how they do their job...
  2. Jenix
    Just curious, I own JH audio Angie II, what is the main difference of sound quality b/w the Angie's and these new Roxanne's Performance Series? I really like the this new shell design. does anyone have any comparisons.

    I also was reading some prior posts to this thread and noticed that there is a possible 20% discount if I purchase these new Roxane's.? Is this valid, and if it is how would I go about getting this discount?

    Another question I have, I noticed that the Angie's have a 4 way crossover and these new Roxane's come with a 3 way crossover, what and how will this affect the sound quality?

    Sorry I am such a novice at this, having owned the Shure 535's and making the jump to the Angie II's was just incredible performance jump, I just can imagine what these new Roxanne's will sound like with the additional armatures.
  3. grownmansport
    I pulled the trigger on the 16v2 performance series and recieved them yesterday. They're my first iems with more than 4 BA drivers, and I'm very impressed with the sound. No fit or comfort issues at all either.

    Was very torn between these vs. something from Noble, Campfire or 64 Audio. In the end no regrets at all.
  4. Andy Regan
    Thank you. I hope you enjoy them.
  5. Jenix
    I also pulled the trigger and purchased the Roxanne Performance Series iems. I had already had the Angie II sirens and they sound incredible, but I wanted a better fitting iem for my ears, so I made the plunge.

    Thought I would throw out my impressions between the two iems. I am currently using a Fiio x7 with the AM3 module with the balanced output.

    First off, the fit:
    The Angie II's have a decent fit, but they tend to slowly work themselves out of position after a small period of time especially if I am on the go or if I am working out. Don't get me wrong, They are perfect if I am just lounging around, no problems there and I assure you, I have tried numerous ear tips. I settled with the tsx 500 complys mediums with wax guard.

    The Roxanne's are a vast improvement on the fit. The 40% reduction in size and the change of the canal tube fully is meeting my needs much better than the Angie's can do. Much deeper fit, but it's not without its problems. I was using the same ear tips that I had been using with the Angie's and my ears would just start hurting after a small amount of time not from the music, just totally uncomfortable. I ended up solving the issue by ordering the small 500 complys. Since I am able to get the iems deeper I needed a smaller ear tip. WOW, what a difference, I am sold with the comfort.

    Sound: I kinda consider myself an amateur home audiophile, but decided I had to give the hobbie up and move to a better portable solution for myself. My impressions will be short and simple for now.

    Angie's out of the box sounds wonderful. The highs and mids are what shine with these iems. The bass has great extension and not overdone when the bass is dialed in. The sound is very reference in my opinion. All the instruments shine and are easy for me to distinguish even the subtlest parts, with a nice medium soundstage. Probably the weakest part of this iem, is its soundstage. The mids seem to be more forward and the bass is somewhat more subdued which tends shorten the stage for me. But overall, damn fine iems.

    Roxanne's out of the box, well, I thought I may have made a bad investment, the mids and highs were drowned out by the lower bass frequencies. This was no matter what setting I dialed in the bass pod. Now I know that I need to allot for burn in time, but I thought that after spending my investment, I was expecting more than this return. So after playing many songs and getting at least 20 hours burn in time I would have thought things might have somewhat changed. Nope. So, I decided to rob the balanced cable from the Angie's and try the balanced connection with my new Roxanne's.

    Oh My. What a change, I couldn't believe it. The highs and mids came to life and we're not subdued by the bass no matter what I dialed in. Wow is all I can say. The soundstage widened. The extra armatures I feel is what was needed to extend the soundstage. These iems are awesome. Investment worthwhile.

    I do want to add, after listening to each of these 2 iems, I do feel that with the 4th Order crossover in the Angie's, they have a bit better reference attention to each of the instruments. I have also ordered the silver dragon v2 balanced cable from moon audio, crosses fingers, I have a lot of speculation with cables.
  6. natalieann
    You have any pictures of how they sit in your ears?
  7. grownmansport

    Here you go. It does have to insert kinda deep, but it works totally fine for me. I hesitated jumping on the full metal jacket ones because of their large size, so I was excited about these.

  8. BartSimpson1976
    FinalAudio gave away free eartips during CanJam Singapore. Just tried them on my JH13v2 and it seems these are the tips I was looking for all the time
  9. John Culter

    Can you share a photo compared to JH provided stock silicone tip? Thanks!
  10. BartSimpson1976
    sure, what Final gave away were tips in M-Size of their new E-Series
    from left to right: JH stock tips, Final E-Series tips, Sony Hybrids (my favorites so far), SpinFits
    The new Final Tips sit very tight, and the stem is not too long plus the opening is big enough not to partly cover the sound bores.
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  11. BartSimpson1976
    still continuing trying all kinds of tips. Tried now ComplyFoams Comfort 200 (TS200).  They sit extremely tight on the nozzle which is nice
    and somehow they do not seem to swallow the highs as the Coply version does which comes with the IEMs
    Well, I am sure I am still not at the end of the journey....
  12. BartSimpson1976
    what's going on? I did not see any reviews for any members of the Performance series family. Not much love for them? They deserve better!
  13. productred
    Got a question: If I swap the stock cable for an aftermarket cable WITHOUT the bass pod, what would the bass be - the equivalent bass setting on the bass pod? Max? Min? Middle?
  14. Currawong Contributor
  15. bvng3540
    If you get after market from moon audio just let them know what bass level you want and they can set it up for you, or just send in you stock cable with the bass setting that you like they will match it
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