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New Member Seeking Your Wisdom!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by juto, Aug 12, 2011.
  1. Juto
    Well I think I've lurked these forums long enough.

    I used this forum to research the pair of in-ear buds I bought (Klipsch Image S4's).
    Now I'm wanting to upgrade to a set of Audiophile cans :)
    So here is my dilemma:
    1. First and foremost these will be my first set of audiophile cans. I want something that will last me a long time and doesn't really require amplification to be used. (I will be using them with my PC, Xbox 360, and IPOD).
    2. I want a set of hybrid headphones that are both good for gaming but also good for music and movies. (I'd say 40% games to 60% music/movies).
    3. My favorite music genres are Film Scores, Industrial/IDM, Classical, Rock, Rap, and Dupstep.
    4. Comfort is key for me and is almost as important as sound quality.
    5. My budget is up to 200ish but the cheaper the better :)
    I've researched a pretty good amount and I've narrowed it down to the ATH-AD700 or ATH-AD900. But I am open to any suggestions that you guys may have.
    Thanks, in advance, for your help guys. Sorry if you've seen a million of these threads but I really wanna get the best with my requirements. And having assurance from people with much experience as yourselves I'd feel much more comfortable using my money on a pair of headphones.
  2. MalVeauX
    So you're looking for a headphone that's low impedance, very sensitive and good for gaming. That means you want something likely open-air. And it seems you want some bass ability that is a bit more than neutral I take it since you like dub. And your budget is $200.
    Well, scratch the AD700 off the list. No bass. Will sound awful for dub and most film scores and stuff that really likes to have a rumbly bass keeping it warm sounding and theatrical, so to speak. It has the sound stage and detail for gaming, but it's just not that great for the other things you're going to be listening to. The AD900 is still very weak on the bass front, so that knocks that out too.
    I immediately think of a few headphones, like the BeyerDynamic DT880 (detail, better mids, good bass) or DT990 (bassier, less mids, more highs), or the Sennheiser HD598 (forward mids/highs and good bass response). I'm thinking DT880 or HD598 for you.
    Very best,
  3. Juto
    Thanks for the input MalVeauX!
    I was actually looking at the DT880 as well. But many people said that if you wanted to get the full potential out of it you'd need to run it through an amplifier.
    Also I don't wanna rule out any headphone just b/c of one music category such as dubstep. I also have a very hefty 5.1 surround sound system with a nice amp on it if I really wanna listen to a bassy step song. Since most of the headphones I'm looking at are open backed I'll be using these headphones mostly in my room, so it won't break the deal if I can't have a whole buncha bass.
    I did some more research today and it seems the AD900's have good bass, its just not a punchy bass. Which I can live with as long as its accurate.
    I did not look at the 598's though. I'll give those a look over :)
    Still open to more suggestions.
  4. joelpearce


    I'm not trying to be condescending at all when I say this, but accurate bass might mean something very different around here than what you're used to.  Just be prepared for that.
  5. MalVeauX


    It'll be accurate, but it's not going to be deep, rich, full and enveloping.

    DT880 only needs an amp if you get the high impedance version. Get the 32ohm version. If you want more bass, get the DT990. I think you might really like the DT990 if you like bassy crunchy stuff.
    Very best,
  6. Juto
    Thanks for the input.
    I wish there was a retailer near me where I could try all these different headphones... to see what I like the best.
    The amount of info is overwhelming haha...
    Anyone know of retailers in the Mid GA area that carry these cans and will allow you to take a listen?
    Oh btw Mal. I looked up the 598's and those seem like a good set of cans. I'm very interested in those now haha thx for the heads up!
  7. kingoftown1
    The AD900's bass is actually pretty punchy and textured, it's just the quantity that's less than most people enjoy.
  8. Raguvian


    In my experience, the 32 ohm DT990 still sounded pretty bad without an amp.
  9. Juto
    Yah. Im starting to narrow my search. Currently considering the ATH-AD900 and the HD598's
    Im just a little afraid of the 598's b/c their build isn't as "sturdy" as the 900's and I've read from to many people that they sound best when run through an amp... which I may get eventually but I still wanted a set of cans that isn't dependent on an amp.
    I'm gonna try and find a store where I can take a listen / feel the comfortability of these two headphones. Then hopefully I'll have myself a "eureka!" moment.
  10. Juto
    Sorry for double posting but I've got one final question that maybe someone can answer.
    Which headphone works better un-amped... the 598's or the AD900?
    Based on the answer I'll know which I want haha.
    Thanks for all the help fellas.
  11. Tacoboy
    The Audio Technica ATH-AD900 is 35-Ohm.
    The Sennheiser HD-598 is 50-Ohm.
    So both are easy to drive unamped.
    Why not save some money and get Superlux HD-668B, they are around 1/4 the price of those others.
  12. Juto


    How do the Superlux compare? Do they meet my requirements I listed :)

    I can take a look at these.
  13. Tacoboy

    The HD-668B are good all around cans, they are 56-Ohm, so should work with anything you plug them into.
    They may not be as good for long term wear and tear as the Sennheiser or AT (Audio Technica)
    They are "semi-open", but not open enough that other people would be bothered by your music.
    But you can still hear what is going on around you, while still being able to hear clearly hear whatever you are listening to.
    You can order two, so you have a spare and still only spend half the money of the Senn or AT.
    Your sources, PC, Xbox and Ipod are not really that great, to me the Senn and AT are overkill.
    With high end headphones you can hear imperfections in low quality 64k or 128k mp3s making them sound worse.
    Prices on high end headphones have gone up in the past two months, better to wait until they drop in price in February 2012.

  14. kingoftown1
    I can somewhat vouch for Superlux; I have the 681, and the sound is pretty impressive for the price.  They've been getting a lot of head time with me, but it might just be because they're still new [​IMG].  They don't sound quite as nice as the AD900--small soundstage, not quite the separation, not quite as detailed and not the same bass texture.  However, they're still pretty impressive for $35.  The biggest downer is that the build quality/comfort isn't even close to being in the same league, but that's what you get from a budget headphone I guess.
  15. Juto


    Thanks for the insight man.
    Im mostly gonna be using these through my PC which has a nice X-fi soundcard.
    Is it a guarantee that prices will drop in Feb? I've seen ppl paying around the same price for the ATH-AD900 and the 598's even from threads made last year.
    The 598's are fairly new too aren't they?
    So this is how it goes for me. I'm not paying for these phones myself. I'm getting them as a present for a birthday. So I want to get something good and not something to hold me over till I can afford it haha.
    So if it came down to choosing b/w the 598 and AD900 which should I go for as being the best un-amped.
    Also which is more comfortable in your opinion?
    I wanna make this purchase today if possible.
    Thanks again to everyone!

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