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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. NovaFlyer
    Another Schiit fan, welcome
  2. HiP1
    I guess i'm afflicted with the same condition all members here share :D
  3. Nussi
    Hello there!

    I'm from Austria and since we have a lot of cold weather I tend to just sit at home, listen to music and play some video games!

    Currently I'm using a DT1990 Pro with a Magni 3 and Modi 3 stack. Planning on getting a Loki 2 but not 100% sure.

    I also have some other Headphones (DT880 Pro, HD700,..) that might be worth to mention but I mainly use the said ones.
    Currently I'm also looking for a better Mini-XLR to 6.3mm for my DT1990 Pro since the original one is very stiff.

    Have a nice start into the week,
  4. Jeff Huang
    Hi there,

    Newbie here. Have read some thread from Head-Fi, most related to digital (stream) source. Always glad to see other people's views and experiences.

  5. miorazam97
    Hi my name is mior, I'm from Malaysia and looking for the best audio gear is my hobby and will never ends..
  6. ColinP

    Been into Audio for years. I was into home theater setups for awhile. Currently have a 2 Channel rig, and a pair of headphones for travel.

    Speakers: Kef LS50 (current). Previously had .7 maggies; Polk rtiA9; klipsch bookshelves; Rectilinear low boys...

    Headphones: Koss ESP950 (with vesper pads).

    Other: Schiit Bifrost Multibit and Freya. (current). Had the following: Marantz sr7008, Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 2, minidsp dirac, ifi itube2.
    Joined the forum as I've been a long time reader, and I want to ask questions regarding Schiit's new Aegir amp. (the reason I sold the emotiva).

  7. billinvegas
    Howdy from the Desert Southwest - USA
  8. pcdubc
    Hello From Chicago.

    Mostly listen to Chamber Music/ Ensembles. Would love some advice on starting gear! Thanks!
  9. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @shadowplay0!! So very sorry about your wallet, though... :)
  10. serman005
    Welcome @pcdubc!! You should start a new thread on this the Help and Recs board asking for whatever it is you think you need. You will get more traffic there than you will on this post here. Good luck!! :)
    pcdubc likes this.
  11. John67
    Hi I am Jay for music I have fiio x7 mk2 also s9 + b@w p7 wireless dre
    Studio 2 and
    Sennheiser HD 598
    amps EarStudio ES100- and Cayin C5 I listen to all types of music but my favorite is rap looking for new headphones I was thinking of getting the SE846 I heard they have good bass and clarity do you think they are good for rap need I want a good pair of iems
  12. glissandro
    Hi, newbie here. I've been more of a 2-channel audio guy for a while, but recently bought a iFi iDSD and Sennheiser to get into this hobby. I look forward to the experience!
  13. Confusedasever
    Finding my way around the maze !
    Just taken delivery of a set of Sony MDR-Z1R's
    I believe my search for headphones has ended : )
    Running through a DX90 just now. DX150 and Fostex HP-V1 should be here in a few days.
    Excited is me.
  14. serman005
    Welcome aboard, @glissandro!!
  15. serman005
    Welcome, @Confusedasever!! Love that SONY... :)
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