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New Member Introductions thread

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  1. felixaaron
    Hi, just joined today.  My name is Aaron.  I'm finding myself more and more addicted to high-quality audio.  I didn't know what I was missing until I heard my first lossless file a few months ago. WOW.
    Now, I'm upgrading my Bose earbuds to Shure se846 and I'm pumped to get them in the coming weeks.  Thanks to everyone who posted reviews or comments on Shure se846.
    I'm eager to learn more and more about audio.
  2. moedawg140 Contributor

    Welcome to Head-Fi, Aaron (and everyone else).

    Glad you enjoy the SE846. Make sure if you haven't yet, to join the SE846 Impressions Thread. The current topic is nozzle insert/filters and how to mod them and their impressions of the different filters.

    Try out all of the universal tips, and if none feel perfect to you, and you love the sound of the SE846, you can invest in the Sensaphonics Custom Sleeves (SCS).

    Take care and again, welcome!
  3. pikajude
    Hi, I'm Joel. I've been a reader for awhile but decided to join.
    Two years ago when I was first getting into headphones I bought the Ultrasone PRO 900 and PRO 2900 and the Grado SR325e from Amazon to try them all out. That was back in my heavy bass phase so I chose the 900 on the basis that it sounds like the engine of a dump truck.
    Recently the left speaker died in a tragic accident. Now I'm using Apple earbuds until my Fidelio X1 arrives. Other than those I've only heard the Audeze LCD family and Sennheiser HD800 in real life, both of which I thought sounded amazing. I still don't know what "roll-off" means. I want to build a really nice desktop setup and also get some quality open-back headphones that can annoy people at work.
    I still love bass but responsibly now and I listen to a lot of hip hop and indie/experimental rock. I like Kanye, Gucci Mane, Die Antwoord, and vacuum cleaner music like mbv and Swans.
    I'm excited to go to meetups in the Bay Area so I can expand my palate and meet other people who are into this stuff.
  4. Renzo228
    Hi renzo here, great forum. Thought I should join and give a little back after a few months lurking.

    Gear:- Fiio x5, fiio Mont Blanc, AUDIOFLY AF160, Dunu 1000, Soundmagic E 10, Mee M6.
  5. reddog
    Hello welcome to head-fi, I also have the fiio e12 Mont Blanc, and I like it alot. I need get the fiio x5, I have heard a lot of good things about that unit.
  6. Renzo228
    Thanks for the welcome,
    reddog my main reason for buying the Fiio x5, was simply price. After years of using various Sony Walkman's, the Fiio X5 won on price. Difficult for me to recommend the x5 as I have not had the chance to compare with any other player in its price range, but I am sure you have read a few of the reviews of the x5 on Head-fi. Based on the reviews I purchased mine and I was not disappointed.
  7. alb8697
    Good Point. I should get a dac and an amp. Thanks!
  8. defbear
    My name is Dee. I started out with the original Sony Walkman, 1979 I think. 2 Ohm headphones, it sounded great. Later on I got an early I River player. Anyone Remember the little triangle you wore around your neck. It holds 256 megs. That's right, megs not gigs. You could hold several albums In mp3's. Came with Sennheiser earbuds. Sounded great as well. Finally went the iPhone route and tried to better the,sound with nicer iems. I started reading about the Pono and how it was snake oil, unproven science etc. I decided no one could tell anything the way the listening tests were done. They said hi res made no difference. I didn't believe 'them'. When I ripped CD's to wma's instead of mp3's they sounded better on the iriver. The wma files were higher bit rate and took more space. Sound familiar? After reading posts and articles here on head-fi for several weeks, I now have a Pono which sounds extra great. Especially in Balanced mode. There is a Bit Frost Uber and Lyr-2. lcd-2 and hd800 headphones. I'm waiting for my Cavalli Liquid Carbon. Thank to all at head-fi for All the great advice.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Welcome to all new members!
  10. Randle81
    Decided to join today. Been sitting in the wings for a while.

    I'm interested in a few things. A pair of headphones and a portable headphone amp/dac for an android phone. Some headphones of interest include the Audeze El-8 and Oppo PM-2 or 3. Looking for over ear headphones that aren't too heavy and that will suit larger ears, but need to do some testing.

    Also looking to upgrade my Auralic Vega, but unsure with what yet. Currently trying the Chord 2Qute

    Already have a high end Hifi system (Luxman / Bakoon / WLM Gran Viola mkiii / Bluesound Node)
  11. Monahans67
    Been a lurker here since about 20007.  This is my second time geting into computer audio and this site is full of knowledge regarding this passion.  I am a big Audio Technica fan so bear with me. LOL  Just ordered the Schiit Modi 2 and Magni 2 and will have fun learning from all you experts.
    My music interests and what I mostly listen too are Smooth Jazz (Fourplay) etc along with Classical like (YO YO Ma) and my most listened to is Southern Gospel like the Gaither Vocal Band etc.
  12. reddog
    Hello welcome to head-fi and welcome to club schiit: may your gear alway s put a smile on your face.
  13. excolatur
    Hi everyone =) 
    Long time lurker but just got a HD650 to upgrade from a ATH-ES7 so hopefully I'll be a bit more active.
  14. reddog
    Welcome to head-fi, hope your HD650 makes yea happy. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask.
  15. DavidA
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