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New headphone amplifier from Bryston

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  1. vlach
    Just be aware that the HD800 is a lean sounding headphone and the BHA-1 is a lean sounding amp.
    I have both and MUCH prefer feeding the HD800 with a vintage receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Yamaha, etc) with higher output impedance. Everything goes half an octave deeper in sound. Richer, fuller. The foundation is solid and feels more anchored. Gravity is lower, mass is higher.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  2. treebug
    Thanks for the info guys. See if I can get a demo.
  3. treebug
    BTW does anyone know if the BR2 remote control will operate the BHA-1?
  4. jtinto
    I don't think there are any remote functions for the BHA-1.
    I've thought about using the BP-26 preamp outputs into the BHA-1, but there would be two volume controls in the signal path in order to get remote volume control.
    Right now, I'm quite happy using the balanced outputs from the BDA-3 directly into the BHA-1 and get off my chair every now and then.
  5. judomaniak57
    i am looking at new headphones, the Mr Speaker Ether 2. they are a 16 0hm headphone. is that ok with the bryston amp. i heard that some amps dont like such low impedence loads
  6. SilverEars
    Perfectly fine. Output impedance is ideal with pretty all headphones since it's so low. 2ohms. Headphones are magnitude greater. Also, Ether 2 is a planar magnetic, no weird interaction with significant output impedance. Only issue you may run into with greater output impedance amps is power delivery due to low impedance, but not with the Bryston.

    BHA-1 is agreat headphone amp. You should feel lucky you ran into it.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  7. Miracle1980
    Hello guys, for a 300ohm headphones (ZMF Verite) would you use low or high gain volume?

  8. wormcycle
    I use low gain for HD800S (300 Ohm) and AKG K240 DF (600 Ohm) and DT880 6Ohm, it requires no more than 1/4 of the volume knob turn. For some time I was actually using in line attenuators from DBA-2 to BHA-1
  9. FormosaWest
    As a rule, always use the lowest gain setting on any amp, or preamp unless you cannot achieve the desired volume with the volume knob

    For the bryston hpa this is very much the case.

    Lower gain means lower noise in MOST circuits.
    Use lower gain and turn volume up to safe comfortable listening. If you cant get the volume you liking, turn it back down and switch the gain to high and try again.
    Dont just toggle the gain switch. It is a sudden jump in signal which, under the wrong circumstances, could damage hearing, headphones or speakers or amps.

    Volume controls are resistive or shunting devices which attenuate a signal down.
  10. cskippy
    Love the BHA-1. Best SS amp I've heard thus far. Such an ease to the music! I got mine modded to reduce the gain 12dB for my hot DAC output. Really helps with more sensitive headphones.
    Here is the information for Bryston USA if anyone wants to do the same:
    Dennis Hawkins
    Bryston Service USA
    79 Coventry St
    Newport, VT 05855

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  11. omniweltall
    Nice pic, man! What a sick looking table you got there.
  12. cskippy
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  13. omniweltall
  14. cskippy
    It's a BTG Audio Sunset cable. Very nice quality and super light weight.
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  15. chimney189
    Bryston BHA-1 compared to a Burson Soloist MK2?
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