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New headphone amplifier from Bryston

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  1. judomaniak57
    duh! i thought it was the other way around. good too know
  2. judomaniak57
    well now i am 2 1/2 months in with the bryston. must say it is one of the best amps for the focal elears. looking for new cables for my elears, if i go 4 pin balanced do i need to have a balanced source? i dont have a balanced source now but plan to get one. but want to replace my headphone cable first
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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  3. makan
    In my experience, it does not make any difference in terms of sound quality. The balanced inputs will sound louder at the same volume setting. The BHA-1 takes the input, balanced or not and transforms them to single ended before hitting the headphone outputs. I run the Schiit gungnir through my BHA-1
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  4. jtinto
    Not my experience makan

    Changing from single-ended to balanced inputs doubles the power at the balanced outputs. The difference in resolution and dynamics is stunning by comparison.

    My own system uses a BDA-3 DAC balanced into the BHA-1 and 4-pin balanced out to a few different headphones.

    I've had Take Five Audio make custom balanced cables that offer great sound for the buck. Have a look at what they offer for your Elear system judomaniak57
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  5. makan
    Good to hear that the balanced inputs are benefiting your listening pleasure vs the SE. Could be my 1 day of ABing between the gungnir SE and balanced inputs into my BHA-1 was not enough for me to hear the differences. All I know is I am enjoying my BHA-1 balanced out! Happy listening.
  6. nordkapp
    I'm using my BHA1's SE inputs-my DAC`s balanced outs are feeding my stereo amps. That said, when I was running it balanced in, I noticed no appreciable sonic improvements. This amp is underrated. So dynamic and natural.
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  7. judomaniak57
    has anyone tried a portable player the the mini input on the back of the bryston. i use a cd/sacd player has my only source now and i am thinking of getting a astell and kern ak70 MKII so i can finally download hi res music
  8. vlach
    Yup, works well with my AK120ll.
  9. Thunder240
    @gonzalo1004es , did you ever get the wiring diagram from Mike at Bryson showing the proper construction for xlr to rca cables to connect to a single ended stereo power amp?

    If so, do you mind sharing it here? Thanks!

  10. gonzalo1004es
    Hi! That's message I got:
    "Please wire the cable such that pin 1 on the XLR is connected to the shell of the RCA, and pin 2 on the XLR is connected to the signal pin on the RCA. Pin 3 on the XLR will not be connected to anything."
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  11. Thunder240
    That’s the info I was looking for, thanks!
  12. makan
    Just checking in to let you know that the BHA-1 can drive my LCD-4 just fine. This just might be my end game. Famous last words.
  13. treebug
    I have the Bryston BCD-3 and thinking of connecting this up to the BHA-1.
    Anyone using their HD800's with this?
  14. makan
    It drives the HD800 as well as any solid state amp that I have tried.
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  15. jtinto
    This is pair I've held onto while trying many others. Nothing compares to the BHA-1/HD-800 balanced in/out combination.
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